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Shah ‘Abbas Sheikh Safi Design Rug “Ardabil Carpet” Vintage Rug

210- Persian Tabriz rug, Shah Abbas, Ardabil design. Size 8x11.5

Ardabil carpet. Shah ‘Abbas rug. Handmade Persian Tabriz rug. Sheikh Safi design rug or Ardabil carpet one of the oldest dated carpet was created during Safavid Dynasty in Ardabil, a province in Northwestern Iran, one of the most well-known style rugs from the Northwest region, the original Ardabil Carpet is displayed in London Victoria Museum. Beautiful Rug is offering this magnificent Persian style rug with the prominent center medallion surrounded by navy blue color in the field and red color in border, 100% wool pile on cotton foundation. Rug size 8×11.5

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Shah Abbas Rug, Persian Tabriz Rug in Our Rug Gallery

542-1- Beautiful Persian Tabriz Shah Abbas rug with rich navy-blue color. Size 10 x 13.

This hand knotted Persian Tabriz rug style is known as Shah Abbas rug or Ardabil style rug, a classic and worldwide known design created by Shah Abbas’s master rug weaver designers. The beautiful center medallion of this rug is surrounded by a rich navy blue color, green, beige, blue, brown and red, are some of the other colors used in this unique rug. It is made of 100% wool pile on cotton foundation and measures 10×13 and it is available in our Persian rug galley, Beautiful Rugs.

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