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Handmade Isfahan Silk Rug, Eslimi Design Rug with Gold and Taupe Color

135 SHA- Handmade Persian Isfahan silk rug, Eslimi design with Gold and Taupe Color. Size 8.6x12.2.

Isfahan silk rug. A fine quality handmade Persian Isfahan silk rug with Eslimi design and decorative color combination of gold and taupe colors. The entire main background is silk, border background is silk, the flowers are highlighted with kurk wool and silk, the foundation of the rug is silk as well. Rug size 8.6×12.2

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Handmade Persian Rug, Luxury Persian Silk Rug

126 SHA- Hand Knotted Persian Isfahan Silk Rug, Eslimi Design Rug, Champagne Color Field, size 6.7x10.5, main image

Handmade Persian rug. Luxury Persian silk rug. Handmade Persian Isfahan silk rug. A decorative traditional style rug with Swerling Eslimi design, the entire main background is silk, borders, center medallion and flowers are a combination of kork wool and silk, foundation of the rug is silk as well, main field is champagne color, and the border has a soft touch of olive-green color. The rug size is 6.7×10.5.


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Handmade Persian Tabriz Type of Rug in our Chicago Rug Store

207- Handmade Persian Tabriz wool and silk rug in navy blue and orange color. Size 6.9x10

Persian Tabriz rugs in our Chicago rug store. Tabriz rugs are among the most well-known types of rugs. Handmade Persian Tabriz rug with dark navy-blue background and orange red border, beautiful center medallion is followed by Eslimi design and birds, fine quality rug made of fine Kurk with silk inlaid, a colorful and well-coordinated design rug for any room, rug size 6.9×10

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10×13 Rug, Large Rug, Persian Isfahan Vegetable Dyed Rug

238 SHA- Persian Isfahan vegetable dyed rug, kork wool and silk. Size 10.2x13.3.

10×13 rug. Hand knotted Persian Isfahan vegetable dyed rug made of the finest kork wool and silk. It’s beautiful center medallion is surrounded by swirling Eslimi flowers highlighted with silk. The four corners of the main field and a part of the medallion are made of silk. Silk highlights throughout the entire rug including borders. Fringes are made of silk as well. The color combination is beige, terracotta, light color green, brown, rosette, gold, and soft peach. Rug size is 10.2×13.3.

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Navy Blue Rug, Old Persian Isfahan Rug, Hand Knotted Rug

349- Old Persian Isfahan rug, made of fine quality kork wool and silk. Size 4.7x7.

Navy Blue rug. Beautiful Rugs Chicago is offering this finely hand knotted old Persian Isfahan rug at a great bargain to old Persian rug lovers. It is made of fine-quality kork wool and silk pile on a silk foundation. It was made and signed by “Rabiee” one the fine rug producers of Isfahan. Navy-blue, red, brown, blue, gray blue and a touch of green are the major colors used to decorate its pattern. Its beautiful and artistic swirling Eslimi pattern is one of the oldest rug designs which was inspired by the Islamic Mosque motifs. The rug is in excellent condition, and it measures 4.7×7.

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Blue Rug, 3×5 Area Rugs, Persian Isfahan Rug

385- Handmade Persian Isfahan rug, kork wool and silk on silk foundation. Size 3x4.5.

Blue Rug, 3×5 Area Rugs, Persian Isfahan Rug. This Handmade Persian Isfahan area rug is made and signed by Shahshahani the Isfahan rug producer. Kork wool in a fine grade of wool and Persian Isfahan rugs are constructed with this fiber. This Persian area rug is made of a combination of kork wool and silk on a silk foundation. Isfahan Eslimi design is inspired by mandala design, it is one of the most beautiful designs used in Isfahan and Tabriz rugs. It is decorated with blue, red, white, brown, gold and green colors. An excellent addition to your small living room or your bedside. The rug size is 3×4.5.

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Area Rug, Red Persian Sarouk Wool Area Rug

219- Hand knotted Persian Sarouk area rug made of 100% wool, ideal for small living room and dining room. Size 7.1x10.4.

Area rug, red Persian Sarouk wool area rug. A traditional hand knotted Persian Sarouk area rug in traditional red and navy-blue color with a round shape center medallion in navy-blue and white surround by beautiful swirling Eslimi pattern. This Persian area rug is color decorated with red in the main field and navy-blue in all around the borders. The overall color combination comprises red, blue, navy-blue, white, pastel with a touch of green and rose color. It is made of 100% Sarouk wool on a silk foundation. Usage recommendation is, as a dining room rug with a four to six chairs or as a living room rug in a one to two-bedroom apartment. It is also a great bedroom rug with a queen-size bedroom. The rug size is 7.1×10.4.

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