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Persian Isfahan Rug, Gonbadi Design Rug, Curvilinear Style Rug

444- Beautiful handmade Persian Isfahan rug, curvilinear Gonbadi design. Size 10.2x13.7.

This outstanding handmade Persian Isfahan Dome design rug is one the most beautiful and mesmerizing curvilinear artwork of Isfahan, the overall design and color combination of this rug, makes it so unique and desirable. A very finely woven high quality Persian Isfahan rug, fine kurk, and silk pile on silk foundation. Made by famous Isfahan master weaver Fatehi. Rug size 10.2×13.7

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8×11 Isfahan Persian Rug, Gonbadi Design “Dome Design” Wool & Silk Rug

443- High quality handmade Persian Isfahan rug, dome design rug. Size 8.2x11.3.

Wool and silk rug. Dome design or Gonbadi design rug. Isfahan rug, Persian rug, hand knotted rug. A high quality signed masterpiece rug by master weaver Davari, hand knotted Persian Isfahan rug, magnificent Gonbadi design rug, or Dome design rug, highly detailed with blue and gold color, combination of kurk wool and silk pile on silk foundation. Rug size 8.2×11.3

Origin: Persian Isfahan 

Size: 8.2×11.3

Design: Gonbadi design, Dome design

Construction: Hand knotted

Main Material: Kurk wool and silk

Foundation: Silk

Color: Blue and beige


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Silk Rug, Persian Qum Silk Rug, Mosque Design Rug

301- Silk Rug, Persian Qum Silk Rug, Mosque Design Rug. Size 4.5x6.7.

Silk Persian rug. Persian Qum silk rug. Handmade Persian rug made in city of Qum Iran. A Persian Mosque design rug in green color and it is made of silk pile and silk foundation. The Mosque design or Gonbad design also known as Dome design is a unique pattern inspired from Islamic Mosque. Green, beige, brown, blue, and black are some of the colors used to decorate this Gonbadi pattern. The rug size is 4.5 x 6.7

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Small Area Rugs, Mandala Rug, Blue Persian Isfahan Rug

401- Handmade Persian Isfahan rug, Mandala design, kork wool and silk rugs. Size 3.8x5.5.

Small Area Rugs, Mandala Rug, Blue Persian Isfahan Rug. A beautiful handmade Persian Isfahan rug in Mandala design. Mandala rug, also known as Gonbadi rug, is inspired by mosque and it is one of the most beautiful Persian design rugs in the market. This small Persian area rug is constructed from the finest quality kork wool and silk on a silk foundation and it is made by one of the well-regarded Persian Isfahan rug producers. The color combination comprises blue, beige, gold, rose, white and brown. The rug size is 3.8×5.5.

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