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5 Foot Wide Runner, Hamadan Runner, Persian Runner

483- 5 Foot Wide Runner, Persian Hamadan runner rug. Size 5.3x10.3

5 foot Wide hallway runner. Handmade Persian Hamadan runner rug, a unique floral geometric colorful tribal design rug with rich, deep navy blue, blue, red and rose colors throughout the rug, it is a great rug for wide hallways, wide corridors and wide foyers. Runner size 5.3 x 10.3

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10×12 Rug, Persian Hamadan Rug, Herati Rug

760- Persian Hamadan rug with allover Herati pattern. Size 10 x 12.5. Backside image

Hand woven Persian Hamadan rug. A traditional all-over Herati design rug from Hamadan Iran, made of fine quality wool on a cotton foundation with a rich navy-blue color in the field and red color in the border. Herati is an ideal pattern to use as a dining room rug or in an area with a large table or large coffee table on it. Rug size 10 x 12.5

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Persian Hamadan Rug, Hallway Rug, Foyer Rug

191- Handmade Persian Hamadan wool rug. Size 4.7x7.8.

Hand knotted Persian Hamadan rug. A traditional geometric style rug, colorful tribal rug from Hamadan Iran with red and black colors, a great rug to use as hallway rug or foyer rug. It is made of wool pile on a cotton foundation and measures 4.7 x 7.8.

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4×6 Rug, Persian Hamadan Rug, Tribal Rug Wool Rug

194- 4×6 Rug, Persian Hamadan Rug, Tribal Rug

Hand woven Persian Hamadan Rug, geometric and tribal style rug made of hand spun wool on cotton foundation by Hamadan tribes in Iran with a red color diamond shape center medallion on beige color background. Rug size 4.7 x 6.8

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Colorful Rug, Red and Blue Rug, Persian Isfahan Rug

400- Colorful handmade Persian Isfahan vegetable dyed kork wool and silk rug. Size 3.6x5.4.

Colorful rug. Red and blue rug. Persian Isfahan rug. This beautiful and colorful vegetable dyed handmade Persian Isfahan rug is made and signed by Hamid Atrian, the Isfahan rug producer. The fiber comprises excellent quality kork wool and silk on a silk foundation. Its round shaped medallion is placed on a burgundy red color in the primary field and surround by blue color borders. Burgundy red, green, blue, rose, gray, black and gold are some of the chosen colors to decorate its design. Rud size is 3.6×5.4.

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Living Room Rugs, 10×12 Rug, Persian Mashad Rug in our Chicago Rug Store

541- Handmade Persian rug in raspberry red color for living room, Size 10x12.8.

Living Room Rugs, 10×12 Rug, Persian Mashad Rug in our Chicago Rug Store. A handmade Persian Mashad rug in raspberry red color, traditional style rug with the traditional Mashad red and navy-blue colors. This rug is made of the combination of Persian wool with a touch of silk to highlight its design, with cotton foundation and it was made and signed by Hassan Poor the Mashad rug producer. The colors comprise raspberry red, navy-blue, green, rose, gray, blue, white, brown and a touch of rust. Its size is unusual, and it is a perfect size rug for a wider living room for a family room. Rug size is 10×12.8.

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