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Square Rug, Vintage Persian Mashad Rug

552- Square shape Persian Mashad rug in maroon, red color. Size 6.10x6.7

Square Rugs. Vintage Persian Rugs. Round Persian rugs and square Persian rugs at Beautiful Rugs. Hand knotted square rug, a vintage Persian Mashad rug, beautiful floral rug with maroon, red color in field and border, fine quality wool pile on cotton foundation, a great rug for square or round dining room table. Rug size 6.10×6.7

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12×18 Rug, Persian Rug, Antique Persian Mashad Rug

776- Beautiful antique Persian Mashad rug in excellent condition. Size 12x18.9.

12×18 Rug, Persian Rug, Antique Persian Mashad Rug. A stunning hand knotted Antique Persian Mashad rug, the navy-blue medallion is surrounded by unique flowers on a beautiful red color field and navy-blue border, this rug is one of the most beautiful antique Mashad rugs on the market, Circa 1940 in excellent condition, 100% kork wool pile rug on cotton foundation. Rug size 12×18.9.

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Wide and long Persian Mashad Runner, Red Color Runner Rug

554- Wide and long Persian Mashad Runner in raspberry red color. Size 4.3 x 16.9.

A very beautiful all-over design runner rug, Persian Mashad long and wide runner for large hallways and corridors with gorgeous shade of red color throughout the rug. It is made of fine Khorasan wool on cotton foundation and measures 4.3 x 16.9

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4 ft Wide Hallway Runner, Persian Mashad Runner

553- 4 ft wide hallway runner, Persian Mashad runner made of wool. Size 4.3x10.5

4 feet wide Persian Mashad runner rug. Handmade in Mashad, Iran, and is made of excellent quality Khorasan wool with unique all-over design, beautiful shade of raspberry red color in the entire field, a great runner for wide hallways. size 4.3 x 10.5

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Raspberry Red Color Rug, Fine Persian Mashad Rug

477- Persian Mashad Rug, Raspberry Red Color Rug

Raspberry red rug. Fine quality handmade Persian Mashad rug made by Saber the well-known Mashad rug weaver, the outstanding well designed center medallion is surrounded by beautiful swirling leaves and flowers on a raspberry red color in the background and black color in the border, beige, blue, brown, green, and gray are some of the other colors used in this masterpiece of Iran. It is made of fine quality wool and silk on a cotton foundation, and it measures 9.8 x 12.7

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Living Room Rugs, 10×12 Rug, Persian Mashad Rug in our Chicago Rug Store

541- Handmade Persian rug in raspberry red color for living room, Size 10x12.8.

Living Room Rugs, 10×12 Rug, Persian Mashad Rug in our Chicago Rug Store. A handmade Persian Mashad rug in raspberry red color, traditional style rug with the traditional Mashad red and navy-blue colors. This rug is made of the combination of Persian wool with a touch of silk to highlight its design, with cotton foundation and it was made and signed by Hassan Poor the Mashad rug producer. The colors comprise raspberry red, navy-blue, green, rose, gray, blue, white, brown and a touch of rust. Its size is unusual, and it is a perfect size rug for a wider living room for a family room. Rug size is 10×12.8.

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