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Nain Rug, Persian Nain Tavassoli Rug, Nain 4 La, Kurk and Silk Rug, size 8.6x12.4
The Ultimate Guide To Adding Rugs To Your Workspace

If you find yourself in your home office and you realize the floor is too cold or your carpet just looks worn out, you should consider adding a rug to your office space. Styling your...

Antique Persian Rug, Persian Farahan Rug, size 6.2x8.2
Keep Your Chicago Home Warm In Winters: Use Your Area Rugs Right

When you buy an area rug or a hallway runner for your Chicago home, improving the aesthetics of your living space is probably the topmost consideration. The aesthetic value of rugs is their raison d’être....

Bohemian Rug, Brown Oriental Rug, size 7.10x9.10
Live La Vie Boheme with Bohemian Rugs For Your Bathroom: Inspiration & Ideas

Easy, relaxed, and free-spirited- that perfectly encapsulates the true essence of bohemian vibes. Each time we come across the word “Bohemia,” these are pretty much the words that come to mind describing the gypsy style...

Hand Knotted Persian Senneh Rug, Floral Design Vegetable Dyed Rug. Size 6.9x10.6
Did You Know These Persian Rug Facts?

Think of home accents to refine the look and feel of your interiors, and Persian rugs will definitely make it to the list – the exotic elegance accompanied by comforting warmth spruce up any place...

Modern Rug for Living Room with Gray and Pink colors. Size 6.3x9
Hallway Rug Ideas: 5 Tips To Use Rugs To Make Your Hallways Warm And Welcoming

Whether you live in a small apartment in the city or a spacious house in the suburbs, chances are the hallways are some of the most underutilized and neglected spaces in your home. Sure, it...

Large vintage Persian Bakhtiari rugs with red color. Size 10.5x13.1.
Tips To Transform Your Outdoors Into A Dreamy Oasis

Each time we think of outdoors, barely we come across words like worries, stress, pressure, and burnout. The time we spend on our balcony, or a patio, is when we switch off the hustle and...

Oushak Rugs, Carpet Turkish, Turkish Oushak Rug, Beautiful Rug, size 6.2x9
Tips To Upscale Your Décor For The Holiday Season: Area Rug Edition

The holiday season is fast approaching, and we are already feeling the festive spirit in the air. Do you know what that means? Present shopping, digging out grandma’s cherished recipes, and of course, decking up...

Vintage Oushak Rug, Turkish Rugs, Antique Oushak Rugs for Sale, size 5.5x8.10
Blend 1950s Rug To Your Space For A Unique Appeal: Mixing Style Eras with Modern-Vintage

Modern-vintage style has seen an enormous demand across every industry, and interior décor is not untouched by it. And why would it not be? The incredibly alluring balance is achieved by blending the clean, linear...

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