Kork Wool and Silk Rugs

Sale! The Museum Rug, Hand Knotted Collectible Persian Isfahan Rug, Size 11.9x16, main image

“The Museum Rug” Pride of Ownership, Collectible Persian Isfahan Rug

$275,000.00 $220,000.00

Save: $55,000.00 (20%)

Sale! Hand Knotted Vegetable Dyed Rug, Persian Isfahan Silk Rug, Mahmood Mohaghegh Rug, size 3.3x5, main image

3×5 Silk Isfahan Rug, Vegetable Dyed Rug, Isfahan Persian Rug, Hand Knotted Rug

$9,100.00 $7,280.00

Save: $1,820.00 (20%)

Sale! Handmade Isfahan Haghighi Rug, Scenic Rug, Fine Quality Persian Isfahan Rug, Natural Dyed Rug, size 4x5.5, main image

4×6 Isfahan Persian Rug, Persian Isfahan Haghighi Rug, Scenery Rug

$32,760.00 $26,208.00

Save: $6,552.00 (20%)

Sale! Handmade Persian Qum Rashtizadeh Rug, Kurk & Silk Persian Qum Rug, size 4.5x7, main image

4×7 Qum Persian Rug “Tree of Life”Handmade Wool and Silk Rugs

$16,970.00 $13,576.00

Save: $3,394.00 (20%)

Sale! Scenery Rug, Handmade Natural Dyed Persian Isfahan Ahmad Zojaji Rug, size 4.4x6.9, main image

4×7 Rug, Scenery Rugs “Persian Hand Knotted Rugs” Rug Iran

$28,700.00 $22,960.00

Save: $5,740.00 (20%)

Sale! Hand Knotted Persian Tabriz rug, Bevy of Birds Rug, Scenery Rug, Artwork of Iran Rugs, Festival of Birds, size 5x7, main image

5×7 Persian Tabriz Wool Rug “Bevy of Birds” Scenery Rug, Artwork of Iran, Festival of Birds

$29,400.00 $23,520.00

Save: $5,880.00 (20%)

Sale! Isfahan Rug, Persian Isfahan Rug with Bird and Animal by Abbas Mansouri, size 7x10.5, main image

7×10 Isfahan Persian Rug, Bird Rug, Persian Rug, Rugs with Animals

$32,424.00 $19,454.00

Save: $12,970.00 (40%)

Sale! Hand knotted Vegetable Dyed Persian Isfahan Rug By Master Weaver Mohammad Beigi Rug, size 8.3x11.9, main image

8×11 Beige Isfahan Rug, Hand Knotted Persian Rug, Vegetable Dyed Rug

$91,000.00 $72,800.00

Save: $18,200.00 (20%)

Sale! Handmade Gonbadi Design Rug, Blue & Gold Color Persian Isfahan Rug, size 8.2x11.3, main image

8×11 Isfahan Persian Rug, Gonbadi Design “Dome Design” Wool & Silk Rug

$38,500.00 $30,800.00

Save: $7,700.00 (20%)

Sale! Handmade Persian Tabriz rug, Beauty of Persia, Very Fine kurk & Silk on Silk Foundation, size 9.9x1.36, main image

Azimzadeh Rug, Persian Tabriz Rug, Masterpiece Bouquet of Roses Rug

$98,000.00 $78,400.00

Save: $19,600.00 (20%)

Sale! Gonbadi Design Rug, Black & Gold Color Handmade Persian Isfahan Rug, size 3.5x5.4, main image

Dome Design Rug, Black & Gold Color Handmade Persian Isfahan Rug

$7,920.00 $4,752.00

Save: $3,168.00 (40%)

Sale! Hand knotted Persian Isfahan Rug, Persian Isfahan Habib Rug, Vegetable Dye Rug, size 4x6, main image

Esfahan Carpet, Iran Carpets, Iranian Rug, Vegetable Dye Rug

$13,920.00 $8,352.00

Save: $5,568.00 (40%)

Sale! Very Fine Persian Tehran, Kurk & Silk on Silk Foundation, Antique and Collectible,, size 4.4x7 main picture

Extremely fine Persian Tehran Rug, Semi Antique Floral Rug

$32,800.00 $26,240.00

Save: $6,560.00 (20%)


Fine Persian Isfahan Silk Rug, Cream and Earth Tone Color Rug

$41,950.00 $25,170.00

Save: $16,780.00 (40%)

Sale! Hand Knotted Persian Isfahan Rug, Marble Color Kurk Wool and Silk Rug, size 5x7.7, main image

Hand Knotted Persian Rug, Isfahan Rug, Marble Color Rug

$14,900.00 $8,940.00

Save: $5,960.00 (40%)

Sale! Hand Knotted Pictorial Rug, Poetic Scenery Persian Isfahan Rug, size 3.9x5.8, main image

Hand Knotted Pictorial Rug, Poetic & Romantic Persian Rugs

$5,180.00 $3,108.00

Save: $2,072.00 (40%)