Persian Rugs Are Your Beautiful Lifetime Companion!

Persian rugs, also known as Iranian carpets, are an ancient work of art in Iran’s history, which became an essential part of Persian culture and art. Fine Persian rugs are being woven in different rug-weaving regions of Iran. Persian Isfahan rugs, Persian Qum rugs, and Persian Tabriz rugs are regarded as the highest quality rugs in the world. Persian Qum silk rugs are known worldwide as the best luxury silk rugs, which are made of top-quality pure silk. Isfahan rugs are made of the highest quality kork wool and silk on a silk foundation.

In recent years, we have been noticing more well-known Isfahan master weavers producing superior quality vegetable-dyed silk rugs or kork wool and silk rugs. Tree of life rugs, Gonbadi design or Dome design rugs, medallion rugs, Prayer rugs, Eslimi design, and Rose and Nightingale design rugs, which were created by Seirafian the Isfahan master weaver and was introduced as Seirafian rugs, Shah Abbas rug or Shah Abbas Carpet, Ardabil rug or Ardabil Carpet, Mahi or Fish design rug, Pictorial rugs, Paisley design rugs, and Scenery design rugs are just a few examples of the Persian design rugs. Beautiful Rugs features an extensive selection of fine Persian rugs, oriental rugs, and other types of Persian rugs, such as naturally dyed rugs, city rugs, and village rugs. These patterns come with floral or geometric motifs in many Persian rugs and antique Iranian carpets.

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