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At Beautiful Rugs, we offer beautiful handmade Persian and other Oriental rugs that are created by skilled artisans using hand-spun, vegetable-dyed wool and feature antique designs that are a reflection of a rich tradition that dates back thousands of years. Our authentic rugs, which are sourced from the rug-weaving regions of Iran, Turkey, India, Nepal, Tibet, and Pakistan, boast of incredible versatility in design, color. You can choose from our exquisite selection of fine Persian rugs, luxury Persian silk rugs, old rugs, antique rugs, traditional rugs, contemporary rugs, transitional rugs, handmade pictorial rugs, handmade wall hanging rugs or special portrait rugs for your private bedroom.

Sale! The Museum Rug, Hand Knotted Collectible Persian Isfahan Rug, Size 11.9x16, main image

“Museum Rug” Pride of Ownership, Collectable Persian Isfahan Rug

$275,000.00 $137,500.00
Sale! 10x13 Old Traditional Rug, Handmade Persian Tabriz Fish Design Rug, size 10x13.2, main image

10×13 Old Traditional Rug, Persian Tabriz Fish Design Rug

$26,730.00 $13,365.00
Sale! Bibi Baft Bakhtiari Rug, Old Persian Bakhtiari Rug, Multi Medallion Rug, size 10.7x14, main image

10×14 Red Persian Bakhtiari Rug, Old Rug, Persian Bibi Baft Bakhtiari Rug

$34,800.00 $17,400.00
Sale! 10x14 Rug, Old Rug, Hand Knotted Persian Traditional Kerman Rug, main image

10×14 Rug “Iranian Carpets” Vintage Floral Rug, Persian Kerman Rug

$12,400.00 $6,200.00
Sale! Pure Silk Wall Hanging Rug, Hand Knotted Persian Qum Silk Portrait Rug, rug size 2.7x4

2×4 Persian Pictorial Rugs, Silk Wall Hanging Rugs, Qum Silk Portrait Rug

$17,150.00 $8,575.00
Sale! Wall-Hanging Rug, Naser al-Din Shah Qajar, Handmade Persian Rug

2×4 Tabriz Persian Rug “Naser al-Din Shah” Persian Wall Hanging Rug

$29,050.00 $14,525.00
Sale! Hand Knotted Vegetable Dyed Rug, Persian Isfahan Silk Rug, Mahmood Mohaghegh Rug, size 3.3x5, main image

3×5 Silk Isfahan Rug, Vegetable Dyed Rug, Isfahan Persian Rug, Hand Knotted Rug

$9,100.00 $4,550.00
Sale! Handmade Isfahan Haghighi Rug, Scenic Rug, Fine Quality Persian Isfahan Rug, Natural Dyed Rug, size 4x5.5, main image

4×6 Isfahan Persian Rug, Persian Isfahan Haghighi Rug, Scenery Rug

$32,760.00 $16,380.00
Sale! 4x6 Rugs, Hand Knotted Rugs, Quail Design Persian Qum Rug, main image

4×6 Rugs, Hand Knotted Rugs, Quail Design Rug, Qum Rug

$10,976.00 $5,488.00
Sale! Bazme Hafez Rug, Handmade Hafez Portrait Rugs, Hafez Persian poet, main image, size 4.10x6.5

4×6 Tabriz Persian Rug “Hafez” Bazme Hafez Rug, Hafez Portrait Rugs

$18,725.00 $9,362.50
Sale! Handmade Persian Qum Rashtizadeh Rug, Kurk & Silk Persian Qum Rug, size 4.5x7, main image

4×7 Qum Persian Rug “Tree of Life”Handmade Wool and Silk Rugs

$16,970.00 $8,485.00
Sale! Scenery Rug, Handmade Natural Dyed Persian Isfahan Ahmad Zojaji Rug, size 4.4x6.9, main image

4×7 Rug, Scenery Rugs “Persian Hand Knotted Rugs” Rug Iran

$28,700.00 $14,350.00
Sale! Last Supper Rug, Beautiful Rug, A Very Special & Memorable Christian Art, size 7.8x4.5

5×7 Persian Tabriz Wool Rug “The Last Supper”

$12,900.00 $6,450.00
Sale! Hand Knotted Persian Tabriz rug, Bevy of Birds Rug, Scenery Rug, Artwork of Iran Rugs, Festival of Birds, size 5x7, main image

5×7 Persian Tabriz Wool Rug “Bevy of Birds” Scenery Rug, Artwork of Iran, Festival of Birds

$29,400.00 $14,700.00
Sale! 5x7 Rug, Handmade Persian Meshkin Rug, Old Persian Traditional Rugs, main image

5×7 Rug “Used Oriental Rug” Handmade Persian Rug, Old Persian Rugs

$1,750.00 $875.00
Sale! 5x7 Rug, Handmade Persian Bijar Rug, Mauve and Rose Color Rug, main image

5×7 Rug, Handmade Persian Bijar Rug, Mauve and Rose Color Rug

$5,495.00 $2,747.50