Fine Persian Rugs

Beautiful Rugs features a large selection of fine Persian handmade and wool rugs. On display at the store is a fine Persian Isfahan kurk and silk on silk foundation rug (443) with a gondbadi design, which is inspired by the art in the interior of a dome in a mosque. This handmade rug features a rich, deep golden yellow with a beige rosette, central medallion in a circle enclosed within an eight-point floral pattern enclosed within a very intricate sixteen-point floral star pattern that is placed within an ellipse filled with a profusion of more widely spaced black, dark brown and beige interconnected lattice network of spheres, each of which contains a stylized Shah Abassi motifs, a palmette or lotus flower with outspreading leaves with two sprays. The corners and main border area are golden beige and densely filled with intricate floral elements and patterns. With its limited selection of colors, the subtle shifts in value from a light to mid- to dark brown in its central medallion and in the borders, the intricate and impressive, strikingly original design of this fine Persian rug that relies on traditional design elements becomes its compelling and entrancing main visual focus. The central medallion from a distance forms an almost solid area, but on closer viewing, it and the other intricate border designs can be more readily discerned and enjoyed.

For many more fine Persian handmade rugs made of kurk and silk, which allow the weavers to make very refined, complex and detailed patterns and pictorial images, see the online catalog of Beautiful Rugs.

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