The Magnificent Collection

Beautiful Rugs offers a large variety and  selection of one of kind, high-end rugs in this Magnificent Rug Collection. On display at the store and the website is a large (8′ 2″ x 11′ 3″) Handmade Gonbadi Design Rug, Blue & Gold Color Persian Isfahan kurk wool and silk on silk rug with a deep red, star medallion enclosed within an intricate circular pattern that is enclosed within yet another intricate circular pattern. In this magnificent rug a series of four rings of increasingly larger brown boteh (or paisley) motifs enclose the central medallion on a soft pastel yellow field. This circular pattern around the central medallion is an example of gonbadi inspired design, which is based on an interior pattern of a mosque dome. A profusion of curvilinear plant and flower patterns fill in the open corner spaces. A wide, deep red border with floral patterns with light brown, narrow borders frame this breathtaking in its complexity and striking in its original handling of traditional design elements rug, which nonetheless still conveys a soothing effect through its soft yellow field with predominantly beige and brown design elements. This is truly a magnificent large area rug, certain to impress everyone who sees it in your home.

Another magnificent rug available in the store and that can be seen online is a Persian Isfahan museum rug made of kurk and silk on silk with three pictorial images of landscapes placed within three central teardrops in the bright yellow rug field. Ten more landscape images within rectangular cells in the wide border of the rug: two on the vertical ends of the rug, and three along the vertical border. Cells with floral arabesque patterns alternate between each pictorial image in the border. Complex arabesque floral patterns extend above and below the three central tear drops with birds. This magnificent rug can be viewed as a whole for its balance of design elements from a distance, alternating between pictorial and abstract forms, or each pictorial image can be enjoyed in isolation by the viewer on closer viewing.

Sale! The Museum Rug, Hand Knotted Collectible Persian Isfahan Rug, Size 11.9x16, main image

“The Museum Rug” Pride of Ownership, Collectible Persian Isfahan Rug

$275,000.00 $220,000.00

Save: $55,000.00 (20%)

Sale! Hand Knotted Vegetable Dyed Rug, Persian Isfahan Silk Rug, Mahmood Mohaghegh Rug, size 3.3x5, main image

3×5 Silk Isfahan Rug, Vegetable Dyed Rug, Isfahan Persian Rug, Hand Knotted Rug

$9,100.00 $7,280.00

Save: $1,820.00 (20%)

Sale! Handmade Isfahan Haghighi Rug, Scenic Rug, Fine Quality Persian Isfahan Rug, Natural Dyed Rug, size 4x5.5, main image

4×6 Isfahan Persian Rug, Persian Isfahan Haghighi Rug, Scenery Rug

$32,760.00 $26,208.00

Save: $6,552.00 (20%)

Sale! Bazme Hafez Rug, Handmade Hafez Portrait Rugs, Hafez Persian poet, main image, size 4.10x6.5

4×6 Tabriz Persian Rug “Hafez” Bazme Hafez Rug, Hafez Portrait Rugs

$18,725.00 $11,235.00

Save: $7,490.00 (40%)

Sale! Scenery Rug, Handmade Natural Dyed Persian Isfahan Ahmad Zojaji Rug, size 4.4x6.9, main image

4×7 Rug, Scenery Rugs “Persian Hand Knotted Rugs” Rug Iran

$28,700.00 $22,960.00

Save: $5,740.00 (20%)

Sale! Last Supper Rug, Beautiful Rug, A Very Special & Memorable Christian Art, size 7.8x4.5

5×7 Persian Tabriz Wool Rug “The Last Supper”

$12,900.00 $7,740.00

Save: $5,160.00 (40%)

Sale! Hand Knotted Persian Tabriz rug, Bevy of Birds Rug, Scenery Rug, Artwork of Iran Rugs, Festival of Birds, size 5x7, main image

5×7 Persian Tabriz Wool Rug “Bevy of Birds” Scenery Rug, Artwork of Iran, Festival of Birds

$29,400.00 $23,520.00

Save: $5,880.00 (20%)

Sale! Handmade Scenic Rug, Persian Tabriz Pheasant and Peacock Rug, size 5.2x7.3, main image

5×7 Tabriz Persian Rug, Bird Rug, Scenic Rug, Pheasant & Peacock Rug

$20,400.00 $16,320.00

Save: $4,080.00 (20%)

Sale! Hand knotted Azimzadeh Rug, Persian Tabriz Rug, Unique Two-Of-A-Kind Rug, Size 5 x8.5, Main image

5×8 Tabriz Persian Rug, Azimzadeh Carpet, Scenery Rug, Persian Carpet

$42,000.00 $33,600.00

Save: $8,400.00 (20%)

Sale! Hand knotted Vegetable Dyed Persian Isfahan Rug By Master Weaver Mohammad Beigi Rug, size 8.3x11.9, main image

8×11 Beige Isfahan Rug, Hand Knotted Persian Rug, Vegetable Dyed Rug

$91,000.00 $72,800.00

Save: $18,200.00 (20%)

Sale! Handmade Gonbadi Design Rug, Blue & Gold Color Persian Isfahan Rug, size 8.2x11.3, main image

8×11 Isfahan Persian Rug, Gonbadi Design “Dome Design” Wool & Silk Rug

$38,500.00 $30,800.00

Save: $7,700.00 (20%)

Sale! 9x12 Rug, Old Persian Kashan Rug, Allover Design Persian Kashan Rug, main image

9×12 Rug, Antique Persian Kashan Rug, Allover Design Rug

$25,800.00 $20,640.00

Save: $5,160.00 (20%)

Sale! Antique Kashan Rug, Antique Persian Kashan Rug, Oversized Rug, size, 11.5x18.2, main image

Antique Kashan Rug, Antique Persian Kashan Rug, Oversized Rug

$28,600.00 $22,880.00

Save: $5,720.00 (20%)

Sale! Antique Rug, Persian Mashad Antique Rug, Handmade Mashad Rug, size 12x18.9, main image

Antique Oriental Rugs, Antique Persian Rugs, Handmade Mashad Rug

$46,400.00 $37,120.00

Save: $9,280.00 (20%)

Sale! Antique Rug, Persian Kashan Rug, Scenery Rug, Tree of Life Rug, size 5.3x8.7, main image

Antique Persian Rugs, Scenery Rug, Antique Prayer Rugs for Sale

$8,950.00 $7,160.00

Save: $1,790.00 (20%)

Sale! Persian Yazd Rug, Antique Persian Yazd Rug, handmade Traditional Rug, size 10.3x15, main image

Antique Rug, Antique Persian Yazd Rug, Handmade Traditional Rug

$41,800.00 $33,440.00

Save: $8,360.00 (20%)