Beautiful Rugs also has interior designer rugs in its inventory, including, for example, a large interior Indian modern in style designer rug. This rug has brown field which is filled with large, elongated, mostly spherical and teardrop-shaped stylized tree and floral images that are shown with a limited palette of colors: bright yellow, medium yellow and deep brown. The stylized plants form a pattern of moving away from the vertical ends of the rug and meeting one another along a diagonal in the upper half of the rug. And at this point several of the stylized flowers reveal a different design of petals in a semi-circle that surrounds a flower head. Also, at each vertical end of the rug the stylized plants form a solid sort of dense wall of plants, while along each end there are four elongated plant forms. Thus, these features act as something of a slightly repeated pattern, and a thin, solid yellow border frames the entire rug. This rug combines elements of a subdued warm color palette that will not dominate a space, yet also offers a somewhat complex arrangement of stylized plants and flowers that appeal to the imagination and will enhance any room in your home.

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