Large Kilim Rug “Real Kilim Rugs” Caucasian Style Flat Weave Rug

Real Kilim Rugs. Large room size kilim rug. This handmade Pakistan kilim Rug is made of 100% wool pile on wool foundation and measures 8.4 x 11.2.  Kilim is a flat weave rug and often is referred as reversible rug, kilim rugs are made in many rug weaving regions in the Middle East and Asia. A kilim rug could be used as a saddle bag, tablecloth, dining room tablecloth, living room rug, kitchen rug, bedroom rug, as wall hanging rug or anyplace else you like to. Some of the available kilim rugs in the United States are Pakistan kilim, Chinese kilim, Turkish kilim, Afghan kilim, Persian kilim and Caucasian kilim.

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