Bibi Baft Bakhtiari Rug, Old Persian Bakhtiari Rug, Multi Medallion Rug

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This old Persian hand knotted Bakhtiari Bibi Baft rug is just a stunning work of art, so beautiful and so special. Bibi Baft and Shahrekord rugs are known for their great quality and their outstanding designs, Bibi Baft Shahrehord Bakhtiari rug weavers are regarded as the best rug producers in the region. This unique and one-of-a-kind three medallion design rug is an example of their expertise. This rug is made of the top quality Bakhtiari wool on cotton foundation with beautiful shade of red, blue, beige and navy blue colors throughout the rug. Rug size 10.7×14. Available only at Beautiful Rugs.

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Weight 450 lbs