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Small Persian Rug, Antique 5×7 Persian Bakhtiari Rug

2425- Small Persian rug. Magnificent handmade antique 5x7 Persian Bakhtiari rug made of premium quality wool and natural dye.

Small Persian Rug, in Perfect Condition Antique 5×7 Persian Bakhtiari Rug Made of Premium Quality Wool and Natural Dye. Rug Number 2425.

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Rugs for Living Room, Persian Bakhtiari Wool Rug

2197- Rugs for living room, old handmade Persian Bakhtiari wool rug in excellent condition. Size 6.9x10.

Rugs for living room, Persian Bakhtiari wool rug. The displayed rug is an old Persian Bakhtiari rug from Iran with a distinctive floral and geometric combo pattern. The approximate age of this rug is 55and it is in excellent condition. Persian Bakhtiari rugs are known for their superb quality wool, which it helps the rug to last for many years. The color combination is red, blue, pink, navy-blue, yellow, green, and white and it is made of 100% Bakhtiari wool pile on a cotton foundation. Rugs for living room are in the same size category as this. The rug size is 6.9×10.

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Wool Rugs, Accent Rug, Persian Bakhtiari Floral Rug

2226- Wool rug, accent rug, handmade Persian Bakhtiari rug. Size 3.8x5.4.

Wool rugs. Accent rug. A floral handmade Persian Bakhtiari wool rug with birds and flowers. Persian Bakhtiari rugs are known for their excellent quality wool and high durability. This small multicolored Persian area rug is a suitable candidate for entryway and heavy traffic areas, or as an accent rug in the living room and bedroom. Wool rugs are easy to clean and maintain it is made of 100% wool pile on a cotton foundation. The rug size is 3.8×5.4.

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Vintage Iranian Bakhtiari Carpet, Carpet of Iran

2424- Vintage Iranian Bakhtiari Carpet, Carpet of Iran

Bakhtiari carpets are well-known for their excellent durability and distinctive designs, Beautiful Rug is offering this vintage floral Bakhtiari carpet, made of wool pile with a beautiful diamond shaped center medallion surrounded by bouquet of flowers with soft and muted colors of reddish brown. Rug size 4.5 x 6.10.

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Vintage Bakhtiari Rug, Pine Tree Design Persian Rug

2566- A beautiful allover design vintage Persian Bakhtiari Rug with Pine Tree and in excellent condition. Size 10 x 13.7.

This is a beautiful handmade Persian vintage Bakhtiari rug, a pine tree design rug from Bakhtiari, Iran. It is very well-designed and has an outstanding and happy color combination for people who love colors and flowers. This all-over design rug makes a perfect companion with antique or vintage furniture and is made of fine quality wool on a cotton foundation. The rug size is 10 x 13.7.

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Persian Bakhtiari, 15×20 Antique Persian Rug, Large Vegetable Dyed Rug

2593- Gorgeous antique Persian Bakhtiari rug in excellent condition, beige, and terracotta colors. Size 15.3 x20.5.

A gorgeous antique Persian Bakhtiari rug, rare 15×20 rug made of fine quality vegetable dyed Bakhtiari wool, outstanding color combination with beautiful bouquet of flowers in Bakhtiari garden design with beige color background and rustic terracotta color in the border. This rug is in perfect condition and is a perfect match for antique furniture or antique environment, it measures 15.3×20.5 and is ideal to be used in large homes, large libraries, palaces, and castles.

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Persian Bakhtiari Rug, Vintage Persian Rug, Subdued Color Rug

2296- Vintage Persian Bakhtiari rug for large living room and dining rooms up to 10 Chairs. Size 10.5x13.1

Handmade Persian Bakhtiari rug made of 100% wool pile on cotton foundation. A stunning design amongst all Bakhtiari rugs with soft and subdued colors throughout the rug. This oversized rug is ideal for a large living room or family room, also for a dining room with 8 to 12 chairs, and it is in perfect condition. Rug size 10.5×13.1.

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