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Mahi Design Rug, Hand Knotted Wool and Silk Persian Rug

2787- Mahi Design Rug, Hand Knotted Wool and Silk Persian Rug. Size 6.8x10.

A new and redesigned hand knotted Persian Tabriz Mahi design rug, the outstanding color combination and intricacy of this memorable rug will enhance the look of your home décor dramatically, brown, and black are the major colors of this rug, fine quality wool and silk on cotton foundation, rug size 6.8×10

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Persian Carpet Design, Indian Oriental Carpet

3127- Persian Carpet Design, Indian Oriental Carpet

A popular Persian style carpet from Tabriz Iran. This high quality handmade Indian carpet is made of excellent quality wool on a cotton foundation, highly detailed Persian Tabriz Fish or Mahi design with beige color in the main field and border. Brown, green and a touch of red and navy blue are some of the other colors used in the center medallion which is harmonized with the corners of this beautiful Indian made carpet. The rug size is 6.6×10.1.

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6×8 Tabriz Persian Rug, Persian Tabriz Wool Rug, Iranian Tabriz Rugs

2718- Fish Design Rug, Handmade Persian Tabriz Rug. Size 5.9x8.

Wool and silk Iranian Tabriz rug. Handmade Persian Tabriz rug. A very well-known and classic Iranian Tabriz Mahi design rug. It was very well coordinated with beige, brown taupe and green color, wool, and silk pile on cotton foundation. Rug size 5.9×8.

Origin: Persian Tabriz

Size: 5.9×8 

Design: Mahi Rug

Construction: Handmade

Main Material: Wool and silk

Foundation: Cotton

Color: Beige


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