Why Buy Authentic Handmade Persian Rugs

742- Beautiful handmade Persian Tabriz silk rug on sale. Size 5x6.7.

Why Buy Authentic Handmade Persian Rugs Trails of lilies, weeping willows, and sunflowers, intricate weaving patterns, rich color schemes — these are the markers of fine Persian rugs for sale, the ones that tell a story. Yet, many opt for cheap fakes or knockoffs produced by mass manufacturers. These rugs might seem to be a worthwhile… Continue reading Why Buy Authentic Handmade Persian Rugs

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Beautiful Rugs Liquidation

7205 mm-1- Terracotta and Black Color Rug, Geometric Oriental Rug

Dear Valued Customer and Rug Lover, We have decided to adopt a liquidation model of business for our retail rug shop and online store. This decision will mutually benefit our store long term and our customers as well: it will allow our store to remain open to the public and continue to serve the consumer… Continue reading Beautiful Rugs Liquidation

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