• John Mcshea

    I love this place. Moe was very accommodating, with great prices, great selection and quality, and just a nice guy. Support local!!!

  • Marc Lester

    Wonderful new Oriental Rug store! The owner, Hamid is friendly and very knowledgeable. These are real Persian rugs, not copies from Pakistan or China. Like being in a rug art gallery......

  • Sean Berndt

    Vintage Rugs are my favorite traditional rug styles. We visited this rug dealer in two different occasions and compared the prices with other Chicago Rug Stores, finally we went back and bought an authentic Persian Vintage Rug. It turned out to be a great den rug.

  • Ted Boylan

    Great experience, owner is very knowledgeable and helpful. Recommend!

  • Parviz Azima

    There are many rugs on the market but there is something special about Beautiful Rugs, The owner of Beautiful Rugs has keen eye for unique rugs, the Persian Isfahan Rug he chose for us pulled all the colors of our living room so nicely together and as you see in the picture this rug made our furniture to look greater than before, that is a solid proof of his decorating skills, he is an expert in fine quality Persian Rugs. If you are looking for high end rugs and wish to speak with an expert I highly recommend to visit Beautiful Rugs in Chicago and speak to Mr. Shaverdi the owner of Beautiful Rugs.

  • Sara Burkes

    Got a rug cleaned here, and it turned out great - they went above and beyond to clean and fix my rug! They were incredibly helpful and friendly with beautiful rug choices. Go in and find a rug that truly has a story with Hamid, the gracious owner.

  • Richard Stump

    My wife Tali and I had an exceptional experience with Hamid Shaverdi. He is an expert on Persian and Oriental carpets; in addition to being very knowledgeable, Hamid makes all of the visitors to his store feel like welcomed guests. He exemplifies Persian hospitality and he has a warm, gracious heart. His assistant, Jose, is also a warm, kind and helpful person.
    The variety and quality of Persian and Oriental carpets that Hamid has available in his store are unique, beautiful and impressive. Many of the carpets are 40+ years old but look like they were woven yesterday...the carpets are high quality and will hold their appearance for years to come. He is offering very reasonable prices through a storewide sale is for the rugs he has in the store, whether they are Persian, Central or South Asian. You will be able to find something that fits your taste, budget and that is compatible with whatever furniture and spaces you have in your home. As a couple who own several Turkish carpets and Moroccan kilims, my wife and I couldn't be more pleased with the purchases we made with Hamid's expert guidance.
    Even if you have never purchased an Oriental rug or carpet before, it is worth your time to stop by Hamid's store for a short visit. Not only will Hamid be able to show you a wide variety of beautiful pieces of handwoven art, you'll be able to stay safe in the process--Hamid takes great care in following social distancing, and he keeps his store clean and sanitary. You won't be disappointed!

  • Susan Phillips

    The owner is incredibly helpful and fair. I had several rugs cleaned thru the store and the results were excellent. I would highly recommend Beautiful Rugs!

  • Kirsten Dolan

    Decided to go to Beautiful Rugs to have my rug cleaned after passing the store several times and someone was always outside taking care of the sidewalk or storefront. The service was extremely friendly and the owner takes great pride in what he does. Our carpet came back cleaner than when I bought it!

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