Top 7 Traditional Rugs

Top 7 Traditional Rugs

This is a large handmade rug from northern Afghanistan in traditional red color made in Kunduz

An excellent choice for tribal design lovers.

The rug size is 8.3×11.4

The rug size is 5.3×7

This beautiful masterpiece is crafted with a combination of wool and silk fibers meticulously piled onto a cotton foundation.

This area rug is a work of art that will add a touch of luxury to your home.

The rug size is 3.5×5.2

Choosing this joyful and vivid rug as an entryway rug will make a great impression on your visitors.

This exquisite rug boasts a superior wool pile on a cotton foundation, rendering it ideal as a wall rug or floor accent rug.

The rug size is 12×15

Its size is perfect for dining rooms that can accommodate up to twelve chairs or for large living and family spaces.

This rug is about thirty years old, beautifully adorned, and in wonderful condition. The colors used to decorate it are red, navy blue, green, pink, beige, blue, and brown.

The rug size is 10×17

This rug is a genuine work of art, handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail.

It will undoubtedly become the centerpiece of any room

The rug showcases a unique Rose and Nightingale design, with intricate details of roses, butterflies, and animals all over it.

The rug size is 7×10

A classic hand-knotted Mood or Moud area rug from northern Iran.

This Persian area rug is composed entirely of wool pile on a cotton substrate.

Its size is perfect for a small and average size living room or for a dining room of four to six chairs.

The rug size is 6.10×10

A lovely handmade Persian Bakhtiari rug with a rustic red field and a beige border, with vintage flowers.

Any type of room will feel cozier with this rug's unique pattern and color scheme.