Top 7 Rugs for Living Room

Top 7 Rugs for Living Room

A handmade Persian Mashad rug in raspberry red color, traditional style rug with the traditional Mashad red and navy-blue colors

A nice quality wool and silk rug from Pakistan with gray blue, gray and khaki colors throughout the rug.

It is made in Pakistan with 100% wool pile on cotton foundation and measures 12.2 x 14.10

this rug is made of fine quality Kurk and silk on silk foundation, most part of entire 4 Lachak

This beautiful artwork of Iran, Isfahan is masterfully color coordinated, with beautiful shades of blue and gold colors throughout the rug.

A classic traditional style rug for any living room or family room. Rug size 11×15.

This old Persian hand knotted Bakhtiari Bibi Baft rug is just a stunning work of art, so beautiful and so special.