Top Handmade Oriental Rugs

Top Handmade Oriental Rugs

Handmade Oriental Rugs in Chicago at Beautiful Rug

They are incredibly elegant whether placed on the floor or hanging from the wall, and their unique handcrafted quality sets them apart from other rug kinds.

A handmade oriental rug from Chicago will also match with any type of interior design, so you can be sure it will never go out of style.

Rug size is 8.7×11.9

An antique Persian Bakshaish rug featuring pine trees and an all-over design in shades of gray, blue, red, beige, and blue

100% wool pile is used in its construction, with cotton serving as the base.

Rug size is 8.1×9.10

This is a Pakistani-made, hand-tufted rug with a Pazyryk pattern.

This cherished pattern rug features a main field and borders colored in a lovely shade of light gray blue and is constructed from premium Pakistani wool on a silk basis.

Rug size is 6.1×9.3

This hand-knotted oriental rug in the Persian Nain style was manufactured in India.

Compared to Persian Nain rugs, Indian-made Nain-style carpets are more reasonably priced.

Rug size is 12.2 x 14.10

Green, beige, royal blue, gray-blue, and terracotta are some of the additional hues utilized in this lovely handcrafted rug with a Serapi design.

The rug's borders are a deep navy blue color.

Rug size is 12.2 x 14.10

Gorgeous rug from Pakistan with traditional decorations.

A distinctive pattern with superb color matching to finish any classic,

Some of the hues utilized in rugs include brown, beige, pastel, gold, gray blue, and terracotta.

Rug size is 9.3×9.3

The exquisite blue 9-foot circular rug is a work of art created by talented Indian rug weavers, who have expertly crafted and matched colors to provide an amazing visual appeal.

Round rugs are lovely and go well with both square and round areas, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your house.