Set deep in history and authentic craftsmanship, our love for vintage rugs is unsurmountable. With each piece laboriously handmade and exuding traditional vibes, they have the power to make any décor feel unique. Infusing story with character and adding a magical charm to your room, classic rugs are a timeless favorite.

But how can one add such eternal pieces to contemporary aesthetics? The answer lies simply in how you bring harmony to the overall arrangements of your space. Classic styles layered in intricate patterns like oriental area rugs, or softer European designs that are pleasing to the eyes, there’s room for all kinds.

Here’s how you can elevate your space by seamlessly integrating traditional designs with a modern sensibility:

A flat weave petit point wool rug with French Aubusson design in pastel and light brown colors. Rug size 9x12.
3ATR- Aubusson Style Rug, Flat Weave French Design Wool Rug. Size 7.10×10.

Mix and MatchVintage rugs usually are associated with Victorian themes of grandeur and opulence.  But the possibilities are quite on the contrary. Just like life, the key is to balance the old with the new. In an unadorned and simple modern décor, a classic European style rug can be the focal point by being the centerpiece in an otherwise plain aesthetic. Perhaps a handmade French design Aubusson rug placed between contemporary style furniture is a good place to start.

Another interesting styling tip is to layer an oriental area rug on top of a modern one in a solid color that matches the primary undertone on the carpet on top. This encourages more textures to be added, without the fear of making things too two dimensional.

Get Creative

A poignant vintage rug can be used beyond its practical purpose. You can convert it into an artwork by simply hanging it on your wall.

Another fun way to add variety without making it tacky is by placing rustic carpets of different sizes in one room, provided the space is ample enough. This creates subtle divides in the area, separating the room into different zones. Owing to their vibrant colors and dynamic patterns, they help highlight specific areas of the room. A handmade petit point rug with floral patterns is the perfect example of artistic creativity of French mastery skills in art designing, and a fabulous conversational piece to position skillfully in different colors.

Deck the Hallway

Given that hallways tend to have less distinct decoration than the entire unit, the rug’s long rectangular shapes and elaborate patterns will match the hallway beautifully, regardless of the color of the walls.

Unconventional Spaces

It’s silly to be limited by conventional choices for placing a rug. A heavily patterned rug in the kitchen is both decorative and practical, given their capability to camouflage the many accidents your floor might be privy to.

Another lesser-known space is your bathroom. A warm and inviting carpet is always welcoming to step on as opposed to the cold and dreary empty tiles of your bathroom! The key is to ensure at least one primary tone matches the dominant color palette of your restroom. A gorgeous French style petit point rug with its hand-woven flat weave in soft gold brown colors would complement the cream tones of a bathroom.

In a nutshell, when shopping for classics, try to stick to bold pieces that command attention and balance it out with toned down counterparts to give an overall integrated aesthetic to your interiors.

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