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I was about seven years old when my family moved from southern Iran to the city of Isfahan in central Iran. During summertime and school closure, we used to go to a village west of Isfahan to enjoy the beautiful climate and landscaping. One day we visited our next-door neighbor, and I saw several ladies singing songs and weaving rugs. I was fascinated by that, so I spent the entire day with them and visited them about every day thereafter until we returned to Isfahan for school reopening. During my childhood after school, I spent some time in Isfahan’s rug trade center and learned more about rugs. As I got more familiar with Persian rugs, especially with Isfahan rugs, I realized how sophisticated the art of rug weaving is. Especially high-end Persian rugs such as Isfahan rugs, Qum silk rugs, and many Tabriz rugs which are created by very skillful and famous master weavers.

The process of rug weaving starts with the design of the rug, which is created by an artist followed by coloring. Choosing the right wool and dyeing the wool is another chapter that requires years of experience, and finally the art of rug weaving, which is a world of fascination and arduous work.

So, I fell in love with the underappreciated work of art “The Persian Rug”. But here quickly many things changed in Iran and the new revolution succeeded.

I moved to the United States in 1986. I was young, full of energy, and passionate about Persian rugs. I started to study and evaluate the Persian rug market in the United States and noticed a good potential for growth. At this point, I decided to become a rug merchant. A young person like me with an empty pocket and the dream of a luxury Persian rug business. It did not work for me at that time, and I had to choose a different profession as a source of income to put some capital together. My hard work and the unmatched job and growth opportunity in America paid off, and I found the path to my dream. I did rug shows and rug auctions and managed my own rug shops and many other rug businesses in different states. In 2004, due to back pain, I retired closed my successful rug shop in Chicago, and moved to Iran. As I was missing the rug business all these years, an opportunity came along, and in July 2018 just before the Persian rugs embargo took place, I imported a massive inventory of exceptional quality Persian rugs and antique Persian rugs to Chicago, formed a corporation and found Beautiful Rugs. Today Beautiful Rugs owns a collection of the most impressive and high-end handmade Persian rugs, luxury Persian silk rugs, antique Persian rugs, and hard-to-find handmade wall-hanging and pictorial rugs.

Beautiful Rugs is at your service now for all your rug needs.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my clients for their continuous support over the years. I feel obliged to express my gratitude for your indispensable role in helping me achieve my dream, which has left a permanent impression on my heart.

Thank you for reading the story of my love affair with rugs.


Hamid Shaverdi

President of Beautiful Rugs

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