Pictorial and wall hanging rugs have a special charm and value among Persian rugs. Perhaps pictorial rugs started with portraits of Persian kings and then rapidly gained popularity. The breathtaking antique Kerman, Kashan, Tabriz and Isfahan pictorial rugs are among the most admired, but after the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Tabriz weavers devoted the most attention to the wall hanging rug weaving craft and modernized it so dramatically that today the beauty of pictorial Tabriz rugs are an unsurpassed glory.

The modern artwork of master Mahmoud Farshchian’s pictorial rugs often has over 150 color combinations. It takes a lot of patience and talent to make a rug, as the extraordinary skill of Tabriz rug weavers attests. When it comes to quality and beauty of pictorial and wall hanging rugs, Persian Tabriz is the absolute best choice and at Beautiful Rugs you can view and purchase breathtaking Persian Tabriz pictorial rugs.
Beautiful Rugs has pictorial rugs available that include a Persian Tabriz wool and silk rug on a silk foundation of the great Persian poet Bazme Hafez in brilliant colors. In this complex composition, Hafez’s eleven figures encircle the inspired poet. Another notable pictorial rug is the handmade Persian Tabriz rug inspired by the story of Yusuf and Zulaikha, which captures the moment when Zulaikha first sees Yusuf and falls in love with him. This rug features Zulaikha standing in the center and surrounded by women, and four Persian Isfahan pictorial scenes with figures.

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