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We sell quality handmade rugs from Persia, India, Pakistan and other countries, including high-end Persian rugs, very decorative contemporary and transitional, new, old and antique rugs.

One of a kind Persian rugs, fine quality kurk and silk rugs, exquisite luxury silk rugs, extraordinary Persian pictorial and wall hanging, handmade rugs, magnificent decorative contemporary and modern rugs.

When it comes to quality and value, Beautiful Rugs is a must see rug store. 

Beautiful Rugs buys your quality handmade Perian rugs, either new, old or antique.

Our expert staff will clean, repair and restore your  rugs very professionally and patiently with extra care and attention.

We trade your handmade Persian rug towards purchase of any rug from our inventory, whether new, old or antique.

We ship your purchases domestically and internationally through UPS or FedEx. The shipping charges are determined by the weight and dimension of the package, insurance and destination zip code. We do recommend insurance for full shipment value. If a customer chooses not to insure their shipment, Beautiful Rugs takes no responsibilities toward the lost or damaged shipment.

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Professional Rug Cleaning In Chicago

Handmade Oriental rugs are a beautiful addition to any living space. They don't just enhance visual appeal but also add character to the room. However, unlike other kinds of home decor like paintings, rugs get a fair amount of physical activity and traffic, leaving them exposed to dirt, debris, and stains. These harmful elements, over time, compromise the rug's structural integrity and contribute to their gradual deterioration. So how do you avoid that? Our team of experts at Beautiful Rugs, Chicago, is here to help you. They are trained to provide high-quality cleaning services, with extra care and attention that restore the original beauty of the rugs while removing most kinds of dirt and allergens.

Trust Our Experts for Oriental Rug Cleaning In Chicago

If you are looking for rug cleaning in Chicago, look no further than Beautiful Rugs. Our professional cleaning technicians are trained to clean most kinds of rugs, from designer rugs to delicate antique Persian rugs. For our cleaning services, we use special cleaning products and methods that are specially designed for specific kinds and materials of rugs. We utilize a gentle, yet effective cleaning process that does not damage the colors or fibers on the rugs, leaving them as soft and vibrant as ever. At Beautiful Rugs we understand how important is the overall beauty and condition of your rugs to you, that is why we do everything we can to ensure that in the course of our cleaning process, the beauty and brilliance of your rugs are preserved.

Rug Repair in Chicago

When you bought your Persian rug, you must have spent a significant amount of time choosing it, picking the right colors and designs to match your home decor and lifestyle. Moreover, it is also a significant investment. So it is only normal that you would want it to last for a long time. Unfortunately, with time, it is highly likely for your precious possession to show signs of wear and tear. Even though handmade Oriental rugs are made for resilience and endurance, they are susceptible to the occasional scratches from your dog, moth damage, or an abrasion from dragging heavy furniture over it. The fact that rugs receive heavy foot traffic also doesn't help. In such cases, your rugs may need some repair, which is not something you can do on your own. This is where we come in.

Rug Repair Services To Keep Your Rugs in Great Shape

With our professional rug repair services, we can bring your favorite Persian rug back to life. Our team of experts possesses the knowledge and expertise required to repair even the most valuable and delicate rugs. And we suggest getting your rug repaired as early as possible because delays will only cause the damage to get worse. We begin by thoroughly examining your rug to evaluate the extent of damage and determine the appropriate repair options. Some of the repair services that we provide are overlocking to repair frayed edges, patching, stitching small tears and cuts, adding new, high-quality fringe, edging and so on. During the repair process, we strive to maintain the artistic and structural quality of the rug, by using techniques and materials that best match the original.

Rug Restoration in Chicago

Luxurious, handmade Oriental and Persian rugs are made for durability, but as mentioned earlier, with time, they become vulnerable to damage and deterioration. Damage from sun fading and foot traffic, water damage, smoke damage, mold and mildew, dry rot, stains, and even insect damage can affect the lifespan of your rugs. At Beautiful Rugs, we possess the necessary expertise to restore them and bring back their lost glory. Our rug restoration team is made up of skilled craftsmen who are experts in their field. No matter how damaged your rug is, you can be sure that our team will provide the perfect solution that will exceed your expectations.

We will Make Your Rug As Good As New

When restoring a rug, we make sure that we duplicate the original materials and composition of the rug. We stitch and reweave the worn areas and secure frayed ends using threads and fabrics that are indistinguishable from those used in the original creation process of the rug. Colors in the rug are re-dyed or tinted in a way that brings out its striking hues once again. Our team works patiently to rebuild damaged parts, recreate designs and motifs, rebind edges to ensure that your rug's grandeur and elegance return for you to enjoy and cherish.

Beautiful Rugs in Chicago provides excellent customer service for all of your rug needs. Get in touch with us for more information!