Old rugs, antique rugs, and antique Persian rugs, where the story and history of Persian rugs began. Briefly explaining the richest Iranian art heritage of antique Persian rugs or Iranian carpet weaving regions. Starting from the North region, some of the most valuable Persian carpets were made in Tehran and Qazvin. Moving toward Northwest and West part of Iran, Ardabil, Heriz, Tabriz, Kermanshah, Senneh, and Ilam have been producing some of the most beautiful Persian carpets.

In the Southwest, South and Southeast region, Kurdistan, and Luristan or Lorestan Nomads rugs, Bakhtiari rugs, Qashqai rugs, Shiraz rugs, Afshar Nomads rugs, Kerman rugs, Lavar Kerman or Ravar Kerman rugs and Yazd rugs are especially important to mention. In the East and Northeast of Iran, Khorasan rugs, Baluchi Nomads rugs, Mashad rugs, Kurdish Nomads rugs, Tekke Nomads rugs and Semnan rugs and finally in central of Iran Sarouk Rugs, Farahan rugs, Qum rugs, Kashan rugs, Nain rugs and our favorite and specialty, Isfahan rugs are worldwide known treasures of Iran. Beautiful Rugs, the premier Chicago rug store is proud to present some of the high quality antique carpets, vintage rugs, old nomadic tribal rugs, exquisite geometric rugs such as Serapi carpets and Heriz rugs and antique floral rugs like, Shah Abbasi rug, Ardabil carpet, antique Persian Isfahan rug, Sarouk Carpets, Kashan rugs, kerman rugs, Qum rugs, Bakhtiari rugs, Bakshaish rugs and antique pictorial rugs. Other valuable antique oriental rugs, Agra rugs, Oushak Rugs, Moroccan rugs, and Turkish rugs are also available at Beautiful Rugs in assorted sizes.
Please visit us for incredible collection of floral rugs, colorful geometric rugs, oversize carpets, Turkish rugs, palace size rugs, large rugs, hallway runner rugs, entryway and foyer rugs, antique area rugs and other types of antique Persian rugs.

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