We might not have an opinion on every current affair and happening worldwide or the expertise to guide every trend. However, when it comes to offering tips for using large vintage area rugs as an intelligent décor tool for your Chicago home, we do have the expertise (and we’re not bragging!). A beautifully crafted vintage area rug can never go out of style. Their intricate detailing, exquisite craftsmanship, inimitability, and vivid colors make them a versatile décor option from a classic English-themed library to a modern living space. With that in mind, if you are considering large vintage area rugs in Chicago to transform your room, here are five recommendations from Beautiful Rugs’ experts:

Old Rug, Persian Isfahan Rug, Terracotta Color Rug, Allover Design Rug, size 10.3x14.5, main image
The alluring color combination with the prominence of oceanic blue and earthy red sparks up any space where its placed. The gorgeous flower bouquet print inspired by Bakhtiari garden design proves an ideal fit for large areas. Place it across your hallway or living room to enhance the grandeur of your space with the royal hues of Persian luxury.

If you are aspiring to make your space more open and bring in more light, this vintage handwoven Persian Kashan rug certainly knows how to put the right style spin. Featuring a tree of life with birds motif, the beautiful border along with the 100 percent wool pile on a cotton foundation with a crème de la crème golden color as the base sets a tranquilizing affair across the space. The unusual and unique quality of this rug certainly shows once it’s up for display. Use it for your office space, meditation room, or bedroom to bring in more calm and light.

A beautiful center medallion surrounded by flowers, birds, and vases on an excellent, rich red color rug base with beige accents along the border encapsulates the authentic Tabriz tradition explicitly. Based on a 100 percent wool pile and a cotton foundation, this 30-year old Tabriz rug proves to be an ideal fit for entrance, entertainment spaces, guest rooms, and dining halls.

This navy blue Mashad rug with a center medallion surrounded by unique miniature flowers is a work of excellence and impeccable craftsmanship.

This Circa 1940 hand-knotted rug piece with precise, complicated detailing sets a stunning view while beating other Mashad rugs available in the market. If you are to invest in exemplary ancient craftwork, this is your ideal choice.

This Persian Bibi Baft Bakhtiari rug is every conventional with a spin of distinctive appeal. Regarded as the best in the rug weaving industry and handicraft market, the Bibi Baft and Shahrekord artistry reflect in this gorgeous hand-knotted piece. Carrying the shades of red, blue, beige, and navy blue with a one-of-a-kind three medallion design rug, this wool on cotton foundation rug vividly brings the charm. Place it in your study or in your sitting/ lounging area to add a royal touch with sophistication.

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