Floral transitional wool and silk area rug with olive green and brown colors. Size 8x10.

Decorative 8×10 Area Rugs

Vintage Persian rug. Handmade Persian Isfahan floral allover design wool rug in terracotta and blue colors. Size 10.3x14.5.

Old and Antique Rugs

Persian purple rug. Hand knotted Persian Isfahan rug with mandala design in purple and gold colors made of kork wool and silk. Size 6.8x10.3.

Top Magnificent Fine Persian Rugs

Romantic pictorial rug. Handmade Persian Tabriz Pictorial Rug, rug depicting a boy is reading newspaper for a young girl sitting on the chair. Size 2.1x3

Top Pictorial and Wall Hanging Rugs

A designer contemporary rug in gray color made of wool. Size 7.10x10.1.

Top Contemporary and Transitional Rugs on Beautifulrugs Chicago

8x10 oriental rug, unique handmade wool floral modern rug in brown color. Size 8x10.

Top Handmade Oriental Rugs

Beautiful floral Persian Najaf Abad rug in Rose and Nightingale design in beige and salmon colors made of wool. size 10.3x16.10.

Top 7 Traditional Rugs

Variety of Persian rugs are rolled and stacked.

Discover Beautiful Rugs

Persian Mashar rug in raspberry red color for living room. Size 10x12.8.

Top 7 Rugs for Living Room

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