You have a beautiful house with a spacious master bedroom and a perfectly landscaped backyard, but there are also a few narrow hallways and a small-sized guest bedroom. Buying furniture that is appropriately sized and choosing a color palette that gives the illusion of more space are a few tricks that you can use for those areas.

Old Persian Rug, Turkmen Rugs, Rust Color Persian Turkmen Rug
2291- Old and Unique Persian Turkmen Rugs with Rust Color. size 8×11.2.

But did you know, rolling out the rugs is also a very effective way to maximize the space of skimpy rooms? So, roll out an exotic Persian rug in the hallway and an oriental red abstract rug in the not-so-big bedroom! And a bonus, your interior décor will get a spectacular makeover! From defining functional zones to making a bold statement, rugs are your best friend.

  1. Go Big

Using a large rug for a small room is an excellent space maximization hack. A rug that fills the entire room, extending beyond the furniture, draws the eye across the full length and width of the room, and it appears bigger than it actually is. If you pick a small rug for a small room, you will end up highlighting the lack of space.

  1. Don’t Shy Away from Layering

If buying a handmade area rug that fits the room is over the budget, consider layering. Buy a seagrass or jute rug that fills the needed area, and invest in a premium quality accent rug to go on top! Layering rugs is also the perfect way to add some character and introduce some textures to the room.

What do you think about this exquisite red abstract rug for acing the layering trend?

  1. Bold Colors Work

Have you added a textured wallpaper in the room or painted one of the walls in a darker shade to create a focal point? Why not do that with a fine handmade rug? Opt for a rug with a dark color or bold pattern to take away the focus from the size of the room and toward the rug as the focal point.

  1. Give Some Definition

If one room is acting as your living room and dining room at the same time, it is important that you define different functional zones. Apart from arranging your furniture toward that end, you can also create real definition by treating the floors like walls. And rugs will help!

  1. Refresh Your Color Palette

If you are not a fan of bold tones, stick to neutrals. If you want to create a light and airy look for the room, go with lighter shades like beige and gray. Monochrome transitional rugs will beautifully elevate the look of the room.

  1. Just the Rug

Sometimes, you don’t have space to play with while decorating your interiors, narrow hallway, for instance. But who says narrow hallways cannot look straight out of a magazine cover? Create a neat gallery wall and roll out a handmade rug in sync with the color theme of the gallery wall, and you will have yourself a nice-looking hallway.

Rug Shopping Time!

Now that you know easy hacks to style small spaces with rugs shop for premium quality rugs to redecorate. We have the finest quality handmade rugs in a variety of colors, sizes, and patterns. From red abstract rugs to beige floral rugs, we have a beautiful collection.

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