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Nain Rug, Persian Nain, Blue Persian Rug Wool and Silk

1133- Nain Rug, Persian Nain Tavassoli Rug, Kurk wool and Silk. Size 8.6x12.4.

Very fine quality hand knotted Persian Nain 4 la rug, Kurk and silk pile on silk foundation, Unique and Rare Design by master weaver Tavassoli, representing historical buildings with portraits of scientists and Poets of Iran. Rug size 8.6×12.4.

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Nain Rug, Red Color Wool and Silk Persian Rug on Sale

2319- Nain Rug “Oriental Rugs” Persian Rugs for sale | Rug Iran | Entryway Rug, main image, size 3.7x5.7

Persian rug. Handmade Persian Nain rug. Unique design Nain rug with fine quality wool and silk pile on wool foundation, ideal rug for entryway or small living room. Red, blue, navy blue and beige are some of the traditional Nain colors used in this rug and it measures 3.7×5.7.

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Nain Rug, Indian Rug, 9×12 Beige Rug

3010- Nain Rug, Indian Rug, 9x12 Beige Rug

Beautiful multicolor traditional Persian Style Nain rug from India with excellent color combination to highlight the beauty of Persian design Nain rug with swirling leaves and flowers around the very well-designed center medallion. It is made of fine quality Indian wool with silk highlights around the flowers throughout the rug, beige color in the background and navy blue, brown, green, red, and blue colors in the flowers. Rug size is 9 x 12.2

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Persian Pattern Rug, Nain Design Rug

3142- Handmade rug from India with beautiful Persian Nain Pattern and soft wool. Size 8x10.3

Persian pattern rug, Nain design rug. A beautiful handmade Persian design Nain rug made in India. Traditional Nain design with traditional beige color. Softly color coordinated rug to complement any traditional or contemporary living space. It is made of a very soft quality wool, and it measures 8 x 10.3.

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Nain Rug, Cream Colored Rug, Persian Nain Wool and Silk Rug

2309- High quality Persian Nain wool and silk rug, an old rug in excellent condition. Rug size 3x4.9

Nain rug, cream-colored rug. Hand knotted Persian Nain rug, the traditional Persian style rug in cream color. Cream and light beige colors are often used in Nain rugs. This old Persian Nain area rug is in excellent and represents a unique Nain design with a diamond shape motif which separates the medallion from the primary field. Nain rugs use less than 12 colors. This area rug was designed with cream, navy blue, green, white, brown, blue, and a touch of maroon color. It is a suitable candidate for a small living room rug, entry rug, and bedroom rug. It is a high quality (4 LA) area rug made of excellent quality wool and silk piled on a cotton foundation. The rug size is 3×4.9.

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