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Iranian Silk Carpet, Qum Carpet, Mosque Design Carpet

2360- Iranian Silk Carpet, Qum Carpet, Mosque Design Carpet. Size 4.6x6.5.

Silk carpet from Iran, Qum silk carpet. Fine quality handmade silk carpet from Iran. It is an Iranian carpet made in the city of Qum, where the best silk carpets are produced. City of Qum is highly regarded as the best Iranian luxury silk carpet producer in the world for the top-quality craftsmanship, distinctive patterns, and masterful color combination creations. This Mosque design carpet also known as Dome design carpet is a proof of their artistic handcraft creativity. It is made of pure silk pile on silk foundation with beautiful shades of blue and gold color combination. Blue, brown, beige, taupe and a touch of black color are used to decorate this luxury carpet pattern. The rug size is 4.6 x 6.5 and is signed by Qum carpet weaver Mohammadi.

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Pictorial Qum Silk Wall Rug, Handmade Pure Silk Rug

2523- Pure Silk Wall Hanging Rug, Hand Knotted Persian Qum Silk Rug. Size 2.7x4.

Portrait rug. Qum Persian rug. Handmade Persian Qum wall rug or wall hanging silk rug for your interior design, an outstanding design and color combination rug illustrating beautiful romantic lady holding bird in her hand and surrounded by blossoms, great wall hanging rug for your living room or bedroom. 100% pure silk pile on silk foundation, size 2.7×4. It can be hung on the wall using hanging rods, hanging clips or Velaro strips. The price is unframed.

Origin: Persian Qum

Size: 2.7×4 

Design: Portrait rug

Construction: Handmade

Main Material: Silk pile

Foundation: silk

Color: Multicolor


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4×7 Rug, Qum Persian Rug, Tree of Life Wool and Silk Rug

1249- Handmade Persian Qum Rug, Wool & Silk Qum Rug. Size 4.5x7.

Wool and silk rug. 4×7 rug. Qum tree of life rug. Fine quality handmade beige color Persian Qum kork wool rug. A wonderful tree of life design rug with Deers and birds motifs by Qum master weaver Rashti Zadeh, fine quality kork wool and silk fiber on silk foundation. Rug size 4.5×7.

Origin: Persian Qum  

Size: 4.5×7 

Design: Tree of life rug, birds rug

Construction: Handmade

Main Material: Kurk wool and silk

Foundation: Silk

Color: Beige


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