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Square Rug, 6 foot Square Rug, Kazak Oriental Rug

5065- Square rug, handmade Kazak Style oriental rug made in Pakistan. Size 6x6.

A Caucasian style rug. Hand knotted geometric Kazak rug. Vintage look rug. 6-foot square oriental rug made to look old and antique with a green color background and red border. A very well-known Kazak style rug made in Pakistan. 100% wool pile on cotton foundation. Rug size 6×6.

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8×8 Square Rug, Square Rugs for Kitchen, Turkish Pattern Rug

7090- 8×8 Rug, Square Rug, Turkish Pattern Rug from Pakistan. Size 7.10 x 8

8 by 8 square rug. Hand knotted wool rug with popular Turkish pattern from Pakistan. It is made of 100% wool on a cotton foundation with taupe, pastel color background and light color gray sea foam green color in the border, a great square rug for square or round areas or square dining table or coffee table. Rug size 7.10 x 8.

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Red Persian Rug, 7×8 Persian Nain Rug

7401- Red Persian rug. Fine quality handmade Persian Nain wool and silk rug with high knot count. Size 6.9x8.2.

Red Persian Rug, Fine Quality Floral Handmade Persian Nain Wool and Silk Rug. Size 6.9×8.2. Rug Number 7401.

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Kitchen Rugs, 5×5 Square Rug for Kitchen

7457- Kitchen rugs. Handmade 5x5 square rug for kitchen in a classic Persian Tabriz style made in India.

Kitchen Rugs, Handmade 5×5 Square Rug for Kitchen Made of 100% Wool, Persian Tabriz Design Crafted in India. Rug Number 7457.

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