Dear Valued Customer and Rug Lover,

We have made the decision to implement a liquidation business model for both our brick-and-mortar rug shop and virtual storefront. This prudent decision will have a symbiotic effect on both our store and our customers, preserving our presence in the market and facilitating the provision of economical prices to the public.

This liquidation deviates from the going out of business liquidation sale, which is commonly brief and executed to vend all the store’s inventory before closure.

Beautiful Rugs has elected to embrace and employ the corporate title of Beautiful Rugs Liquidation to indicate that our retail shop presents substantially reduced costs for our wares. The collection includes fine Persian rugs, traditional rugs, contemporary and transitional rugs, old rugs and antique rugs, handmade pictorial rugs and handmade wall hanging rugs. Therefore, we are functioning with a slight profit margin that benefits both the customer and our establishment, ensuring its durability to meet future business aspirations.

To reiterate, Beautiful Rugs will remain open and will continue doing business as Beautiful Rugs Liquidation.


Moe Shaverdi
President of Beautiful Rugs Liquidation

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