An oriental rug is a great investment. Not only does it have immense decorative value, but it is also versatile and a reliable workhorse. But how do you buy one that offers style, quality, and value for money? By shopping at Beautiful Rugs.

Buying The Best Oriental Rugs, Including Persian Rugs, at Beautiful Rugs

2476 10x14 Rug Persian Rug Antique Bakhtiari Rug
2476- Gorgeous high quality hand knotted antique Persian Bakhtiari Bibi baft rug with a unique three medallion. Size 10.7×14.

Oriental rugs have been prized by collectors and homeowners alike for thousands of years. Records show that Henry VIII had quite an extensive inventory of Turkish rugs, some of which appear in his portraits by Hans Holbein. Today, you, too, have access to an array of beautiful, unique oriental rugs from Iran, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Northern China, and more such places. At Beautiful Rug’s rug gallery, you can choose from a wealth of options, which include rugs of different types, sizes, shapes, designs, and patterns.

Discover an Endless Variety of Rugs at Our Rug Gallery

If you have ever had to shop for rugs in the past, you would know how frustrating the process can be. With rug dealers seemingly popping up at every corner, it can be quite overwhelming to move from one shop to another in search of that perfect floor covering or wall hanging. Moreover, you also have a slew of designs and colors to choose from and not enough time to find a piece that matches your style and budget. Lucky for you, at Beautiful Rugs, you can bid adieu to all these worries. One look at our rug gallery and you will be pleasantly surprised by the sheer variety of rugs we offer. Browse through our selection to take your pick from an assortment of stunning handwoven rugs in both traditional and contemporary designs. Here, you will find a diverse collection of rugs, new and vintage, large and small, decorative and ceremonial. Find fine Persian rugs, tribal runner rugs, Persian Qum runners, Tabriz rugs, Baluchi tribal rugs, Gabbeh rugs, Farahan rugs, Isfahan rugs, handmade contemporary rugs, transitional rugs, and so much more.

Oriental Rug Gallery

Many people tend to use the terms oriental rug and Persian rug interchangeably, but they aren’t the same. Oriental rug is a broader category that comprises Persian rugs, among others. Persian rugs, however, are a category and class of their own due to their immense popularity, unique features, and distinct place of origin.

At Beautiful Rugs’ oriental rug gallery, you will find a wide array of rugs in striking designs and colors. These pile rugs, hand-knotted and handwoven in different regions in Asia and the Middle East, are named after the village or town where they were made or the name of the tribe that made them, in case of nomadic designs. For instance, Tabriz rugs originate from Tabriz, a city in the northwestern part of Iran, and are distinguished by their use of stunning central medallions as well as prayer and pictorial designs. Apart from Tabriz rugs, we also offer Heriz rugs, Kashan rugs, Kazak rugs, Tehran rugs, Qashqai rugs, Moroccan rugs, Bijar rugs, and more such styles of oriental rugs.

Persian Rug Gallery

Persian rugs are incredibly popular, which is why they are generally considered outside the umbrella of oriental rugs. Our Persian rug gallery boasts a selection of rugs that feature weaving techniques, patterns, and color palettes that date back hundreds of years and have been passed down through generations. Each design, whether it is all-over or a central medallion, tells a one-of-a-kind story of where it comes from. Another feature that characterizes Persian rugs is the use of the remarkable Persian knot, which is an unmatched asymmetrical knotting technique. If you are looking for Persian rugs of the highest quality, with intricate designs and a high knot density, our Persian rug gallery definitely has what you need.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Rug Dealers?

When shopping for oriental rugs, you should always buy from a reputable dealer that offers high-quality, authentic products. Beautiful Rugs is a trusted name in the rug market. We offer a wide range of rugs at the best prices. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us for all your rug needs:

  1. High quality

At Beautiful Rugs, we offer oriental rugs and Persian rugs of the highest quality. We source all our rugs from Iran, which include fine Isfahan rugs, rare wall hangings, handmade Tabriz rugs, and so much more. And we guarantee their authenticity and impeccable quality. You can browse through our Persian rug gallery to see all that we have to offer.

  1. Stunning designs

Discover rugs with distinct designs that immediately catch your eye. Each rug in our inventory features patterns that are harmonious and balanced, thus making for a perfect choice for your living space. When you see our rug gallery, you will find that the designs have rhythm, spatial depth, and unmatched clarity, which is unlike that of cheap and poorly made rugs.

  1. Affordable prices

Weavers who hand weave oriental rugs take months and sometimes years to create a single rug, which is what drives up their price. So, while oriental rugs are quite expensive, at Beautiful Rugs, we offer them at discounted prices.

Check out our oriental rug gallery for a sneak peek into our collection of the finest Persian rugs. Whether you are looking for floor coverings, wall hangings, or prayer rugs, at Beautiful Rugs, you will find them all and so much more. Get in touch with us for more information, or visit our showroom to make a purchase.

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