Bedroom Rugs: How To Position And Blend Rugs in Bedroom


Old Persian Bakhtiari rug in red color, garden design with pine tree. Size 10.2x13.5.
2568- Vegetable dyed rug. Old Persian Bakhtiari rug in excellent condition. Size 10.2×13.5.

Are you looking to buy beautiful antique rugs for your bedroom? A bedroom is one such relaxing space in your home where you take a restful sleep leaving behind the hustle and bustle of daily life. It’s a room where you let your mind de-stress and your body unfurl.

Countless studies have shown the positive impact of a lively ambiance on the human mind and how it can make you have a comfortable time. Antique carpets, especially Persian rugs, are perfect for your bedroom’s aesthetic and comfort. They epitomize the profound Middle Eastern art and culture. However, many people get confused about how to position bedroom rugs in bedroom perfectly.

This article will discuss top tips to place area rugs in your bedroom that magnificently blend aesthetic and comfort.

Bedroom Rugs Beneath the Bed: 

How often have you felt sudden coldness beneath your feet when stepping down from your bed during winter? Well, you are not alone.

A beautiful Persian rug beneath your bed that slightly exceeds the bed’s surface area isn’t just an aesthetic pleasure to your eye; it’s also a comfort against a harsh awakening amid morning laziness.

It might appear to be a tiny thing, but it adds significant comfort to your bedroom. On the aesthetic side, it magnificently segregates your space and adds depth to the ambiance.

Area Rugs Next to the Bed: 

Home décor is all about perspective, and it isn’t necessary that you might like what others would. If you feel that you don’t wish to spend money on a rug that largely stays under the bed, then you can go for runner rugs.

Runner rugs are usually long, narrow, and rectangular and have diverse applications. When it comes to the bedroom, these marvelous carpets are used as a border for the bed and dining table. Such beautiful Persian rugs are ideal for smaller size bedrooms that lack space but have infinite scope for beautiful décor.

Throughout the Room: 

Some people prefer to have a rug throughout the room and make it look truly lavish. For instance, it is typical for a bungalow or a luxurious villa to have an entire bedroom floor magnificently adorned with a beautiful antique rug.

The ideal comfort and massive appeal such a setting adds to your room make it worth investing in such a large-size rug. You can explore a variety of awe-inspiring designs available online in our store and buy the one that matches your home interior.


Antique rugs are ideal for adding comfort and beauty to your bedroom. Depending on your needs, you can have a perfect positioning of bedroom rugs for the bedroom that beautifully blend aesthetics and comfort.

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