Enhance Your Office Space with Area Rugs in Chicago

A functional office space requires an optimal environment that ensures both comfort and productivity. Area rugs in Chicago can contribute to the creation of a quiet, comfortable, and warm office environment. Choosing the right rug for any area of your office, however, is no easy task. Going to a rug store without making concrete plans can result in a rug not at all suitable for your space. When there are so many options for styles, textures, patterns, and colors, it is best to go in prepared.

Choosing the Correct Rug Size

The right rug size and proportion go a long way towards making the room look well-designed. Home offices necessitate area rugs that incorporate both the desk and the chair.

Tuck the rug beneath at least the front two legs of the desk and completely beneath the chair—even when it is pulled out. Extend the rug as far as possible in all directions. This not only creates a warm and comfortable working environment, but it also prevents chairs from dragging over the edges of the rug, which is not only annoying but can also damage the rug’s binding. Use a non-slip underlay beneath your rug to ensure that it stays in place as the chair is dragged over it.

Handmade Persian Tabriz rug in red color. Size 6.10x10.2.
2220- Handmade Persian Tabriz wool rug with a unique round medallion. Size 6.10×10.2.

Bursts Of Color

Add splashes of color to your office space to liven it up. Get a deep purple rug to go with your other office decor. Create a stunning green accent wall with a matching rug. Modern rugs in light airy colors or with a neutral color palette are excellent options.

If you want to create a sleek and modern workspace, contemporary rugs are an excellent choice for office decor. They are well-known for their clean lines and soothing patterns. As consumer tastes shifted away from busy or dense traditional designs and towards more soothing colors and simpler patterns, contemporary rugs became quite a trend, offering a wide range of subtle colors and designs.

Transitional rugs come into play if you want more complex color combinations and patterns. Transitional rugs are characterized as being between traditional and modern designs. They are typically less than ten colors in number and are less dense and busy than traditional rugs.

Just keep in mind to stick to a color scheme. It will be simple to find a rug that complements your office once you have decided on a color palette.

Use An Area Rug

If you have a small office, consider using an area rug to cover the entire floor. As a general rule, at least six inches of wood flooring should be visible along the edges. Apply the same rules to rug selection that you would to carpet selection. Check that the rug complements the existing color scheme. If your office is busy, think about buying a low pile rug made of natural materials like wool rugs that can withstand the wear and tear of heavy traffic.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you go shopping for an office area rug in Chicago, and remember that the right rug type, size, shape, texture, and material can make your office space much more comfortable and productive.

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