Hacks To Pick An Ideal Modern Rug For Your Living Room

And yet again, we are here for our favorite topic: RUGS. Whether it’s to add a pop of color, a bit of a vivid change, or simply add more comfort, contemporary designer rugs achieve not only the perfect look and mood but also aid noise cancellation and bring more warmth to your floors. Rugs are one piece of versatile home decor capable of hiding every imperfection and adding impeccable elegance to your space in just one chic swoop. However, in most cases, people hardly reckon that different rooms serve a different purpose that will govern the purchase of your rugs. For instance, your bathroom rug will not make an apt fit for your living room. Apart from the look, bathroom rugs are small and mostly designed for floor coverings.

On the other hand, your living room is a representation of your entire house. It is an entertainment space, accommodation for lounging and relaxation, and acts as a real-life clubhouse app. You can find gazillion blogs on the dos and don’ts of modern living room rugs. However, here we are going to be a bit thorough. So, keep reading this blog to make your rug shopping pick a valuable and worthy one.

Modern Rug for Living Room, Gray and Pink Rug, size 6.3x9, main image
3086- Modern Rug for Living Room, Gray and Pink Rug


While choosing modern living room rugs, we often tend to go for the smaller options. Some of the reasons behind the choice are easier maintenance, the convenience of laying out, and affordability. To be honest, investing in a comparatively larger carpet doesn’t mean you need to go as big as the Hollywood red carpet. Their maintenance is as much as their smaller variant.  Besides, you might be missing out on something transformative just to save a few bucks.


Depending upon the wear out and your household, you might want to go for darker and vivid options. If you have kids or pets at your place, the chances of carpet staining become higher.

Darker options with bold patterns hide away the stains while keeping the look of your space intact. You can incorporate lighter shades with fabrics that are easier to clean. Shapes matter too. The right shape of carpet can make your room look bigger or smaller. If your room is rectangular, rectangular carpets are a perfect choice. For square rooms, round shaped rugs and square rugs would be more ideal.


Floating carpet style refers to the setting where the rug covers only the coffee table area. That’s it! The seating area remains rug-free. You can go for smaller rugs without worrying about border width and length running with the sofa.


In case you thought, you can only add one rug into your space you are wrong. Depending upon the size of your room, you can add two to three small to medium sized rugs. Plus, they don’t have to be necessarily identical. You can create your own unique combination with vivid motifs, intricate patterns, and colors to flaunt a bespoke look.

Looking for some unique rug styles for your space? Browse our style inventory for fresh modern living room rugs and transitional style carpets.

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