Dining Room Rug, How to Choose A Dining Room Rug

The perfect rug beautifully adds to the overall décor of your living space including the dining room. In fact, the right rug has the potential to make all the difference when it comes to tying together your dining room. The ideal dining room rug is going to be fashionable as well as practical and functional. You need to give ample time to hunt for the rug that is just right for your dining room. The best-sized rugs for dining rooms are those which give a well-balanced feel to the area; when too small they may trip up chairs, too large and things become stuffy! A good rug will undoubtedly bring warmth, color, texture, and style to the dining space.

Khal Mohammadi Rug, Handmade Oriental Rug, Traditional Wool Rug
7221-1 MM Khal Mohammadi Rug, Handmade Oriental Rug, Traditional Wool Rug

We understand that finding the perfect dining room rug is quite a challenge and that is precisely why we have curated a list of three things you should keep in mind while rug shopping. Here it goes:

  1. Start by determining the rug size for your dining room. Knowing what your room is capable of handling is important. If you go with a very large rug, the room may appear smaller than it is and smaller rugs give the feel of something being amiss. Irrespective of the style of the rug you choose, make sure that the size is just right to give a solid foundation to your room.
  2. Second, comes finding the right color and pattern for your dining room rug. As the rug anchors the space, it is imperative to go with a color that complements the overall décor of the room. Lighter hues though work in different kinds of settings but are difficult to clean and do not do a great job at hiding stains. Try picking a color that brings together accents from the surrounding pieces, be it the furniture or artwork, and masks the occasional spills! Bold patterns and colors brighten up an otherwise boring room.
  3. While we all love sinking our toes into the plush high pile rugs, it is best to keep such rugs away from your dining space as it may get annoying to pull chairs in and out over these stylish rugs twice or thrice a day! They are also likely to trap crumbs. Choose a low pile rug or one that is easy to clean.

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