So, you want to create your dream living space but are held back by the small size of your room? Well, you aren’t alone. For most city-dwellers, space is often an issue when designing their home. They always have at least one room they wished was slightly bigger. And it can be especially disheartening when you have to give up on that stunning sofa you have been eyeing because there isn’t enough space to keep it. Small rooms can be an interior decor nightmare because of a lack of sufficient floor space. But here’s the good news: Even though you cannot physically enlarge a room, there are some ways in which you can fool the eye and make it look and feel much bigger than it actually is. Rugs are one of them.

Although rugs have an undeniable utilitarian purpose, they are also crucial design elements that can set the tone in a room and help you achieve the aesthetic you are going for. Here are a few ways in which you can use rugs to make a room look more spacious:

Plain Color Area Rug, Contemporary Oriental Rug, size 6.6x9.7
5038- Plain Color Area Rug, Contemporary Oriental Rug

1. Pick the right color

As a rule, lighter colors open up a space and trick the eye into thinking that it is bigger. This is because lighter colors reflect more light than darker colors do, which allows the increased light to contribute to an airier and more open feel. But that does not mean that you limit yourself to white or beige carpets. You can also go for cooler tones and lighter shades of your favorite colors to visually expand the room. They are also incredibly easy on the eyes.

2. Choose textures that do not overwhelm your space

Adding texture is an effective way to enhance the visual interest in a space. But when you are designing a smaller room, you should add texture that adds to the space without overwhelming it. Persian rugs, with their soft texture, are a wonderful choice if you want to add depth and character to a room and also make it look more sophisticated.

3. Avoid busy patterns

While you may love the intricate patterns and designs on vibrant Tabriz rugs, but they may not be the right choice for a small room. The busy pattern will immediately draw the eye and make it harder to look away, which can make the space seem cramped and cluttered. Instead, choose rugs with muted tones and minimal, abstract patterns.

4. Use just one large rug

Instead of placing several small area rugs in a room, use just one large rug to make it look bigger. Place it in the middle, a few inches away from all the furniture. This way you can ensure that it doesn’t look like the room is crowding your carpet.

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