When you buy an area rug or a hallway runner for your Chicago home, improving the aesthetics of your living space is probably the topmost consideration. The aesthetic value of rugs is their raison d’être. They help you incorporate color, texture, pattern to your room and make the space cozier.

BUT, there is more!

Did you know wool rugs are also excellent insulators? The winters are here, and your décor-enhancing rugs will not just beautify your home, but choosing the right area rug for Chicago, Evanston homes will also keep your rooms and your toes warm and toasty. You do need to be mindful of weatherization practices to prevent heat loss, like sealing holes and caulking cracks around doors and windows and checking if your water and room heaters need repair.

Antique Persian Rug, Persian Farahan Rug, size 6.2x8.2
7392- Antique Persian Rug, Persian Farahan Rug. Size 6.2×8.2

So, what factors should you consider using your area rugs in Chicago homes efficiently to bring up the room’s temperature?

1. Selection of Rug Matters

If you want to keep your rooms snug and warm with an area rug, you need to take into consideration the thickness and material of the rug.

Thick rugs naturally are better insulators as they add more space between your floors and the feet, protecting the latter from the winter chill. Material matters, too. A wool rug will act as a good insulator. Additionally, they are incredibly soft, so they feel comfortable underfoot.

When the temperatures start dropping, draw the curtains, set your thermostat, and place a wool area rug on your floors.

2. The Bigger, the Better

Uncovered floors may account for significant indoor heat loss. This translates to –larger the area covered by rugs, the warmer the room.

Use the largest area rug for the center of the room. Smaller rugs can be placed in areas that receive the most foot traffic. That way, your feet will always be warm when you walk around.

Choose the color, style, and patterns of the rugs such that they look good together! If you find that task a little overwhelming, we will help you out with picking the best area rugs for Chicago homes as per your design and size requirements.

3. Insulated Rug Pads Do the Trick

If you just invested in a beautiful rug, but it is not a wool rug, you can still use it to add extra warmth to your rooms. You will need to place an insulated rug pad underneath the rug.

Pads with non-skid backing will ensure the rug does not buckle, slide, or wrinkle.

The rug pad should be smaller than your rug to ensure it remains hidden from the eyes.

4. Heated or Thermal Rug Mats

Do you want to turn your area rugs into an active source of secondary heat? A heated or thermal rug mat will do the job. The working mechanism is like electric blankets.

Place it between the rug pad and the area rug, plug it in. There are models that feature timers to avoid overheating. These switch off automatically. If your area rug is large enough to cover a considerable amount of floor, you may use a heated rug as the primary source of heat for the room.

Before using thermal rug mats, make it a point to invest in a high-quality rug pad that does not let the heat get to your vinyl or hardwood floors.

If cold floors are making your home less welcoming in Chicago winters, use the area rugs in Chicago homes to solve the issue.

We will be happy to assist you in selecting the perfect rugs for your perfect home.

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