Easy, relaxed, and free-spirited- that perfectly encapsulates the true essence of bohemian vibes. Each time we come across the word “Bohemia,” these are pretty much the words that come to mind describing the gypsy style carrying a Moroccan flavor.

Bohemian Rug, Brown Oriental Rug, size 7.10x9.10
7014- Bohemian Rug, Brown Oriental Rug


A bohemian bathroom is more than just a place to wash up and clean ourselves. It’s one’s luxurious oasis for relaxing in the tub with your favorite playlist on and daydreaming. As far as styling a bathroom is concerned, people tend to overlook it entirely or simply go for the safer and traditional Scandinavian style or mid-century modernism. However, you will be surprised how much of a difference bohemian rugs and a few décor accents can make for your space.

Another trouble most bathroom decorators face is that it’s easy to make the room cramped up and chaotic. The best part about Bohemian-inspired styles is that they have the power to turn any space into an easy, breezy sanctuary to create an ultimate relaxation space. With that being said, here’s how you can achieve it:


You can create a beautiful, warm and mysterious ambiance with neutrals and touches of black or go bold and gypsy with bright hues with accents of white.

You can also hang up patterned bohemian rugs with exquisite designs along a blank wall if painting seems too tedious and time-taking.


If your budget allows, you can opt for this style to bring some Bohemian inspiration to your bathroom. This style includes furniture, windows, and other furnishing pieces that are the full height of a wall.

Install a floor-to-ceiling shower glass, go for multi-faceted pendant lights with patterned floor tiles to give your bathroom some personality for an effortlessly chic refuge.


Pattern play is the backbone of every eclectic bohemian home décor. Don’t shy away from playing with contrasts. Go for bright, monotone walls with tribal, Aztec, or floral patterns for flooring. Also, accessories are another minimalistic yet effective means to get your desired bohemian look without splurging. Opt for two or three mini bohemian rugs to create a unique cluster while defining your space, some rustic accessories, knotted weave baskets, or even some bold linens.


A combination of vintage wooden fixtures with colorful bohemian rugs can never go wrong. Opt for wall wooden shelves, or get a large wooden ladder for a unique way of storing your bathroom essentials. Make sure you invest in quality woodenware only while considering your climate. It should be easy for you to maintain without causing any damage to your investment.


From hanging planters, potted leafy greens to flower pots, bring some greenery for a perfect, calming bohemian paradise. You can surround your bathtub to envelope yourself in nature’s lap with a vibrant bohemian rug to create an alluring accent. Also, feel free to add scented candles to add some warmth to your space.

Ready to embrace the La Vie Bohème lifestyle? Browse our exquisite collection of unique bohemian rugs to channel some carefree vibes bespoke to your home.

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