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Vintage Persian Sarouk Rug, Prayer Rug, Handmade Rug

2235- Vintage Persian Rug, Prayer Rug, Handmade Rugs, main image, size 3.7x4.10

Handmade rug. A vintage Persian rug, prayer rug design made in Iran, Persian Sarouk rug which often is spelled as Persian Saruk rug. A distinctive floral arch design prayer rug pattern with navy blue color background and red border. The fiber content is 100% wool pile on a cotton foundation. Rug size 3.7×4.10.

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Persian Rug, Wool Rug, Sarough Rug

2186- Colorful handmade Persian Sarough rug. Size 4.5x6.6

Handmade Persian Sarough rug. A multi color and colorful Persian rug with navy blue background color and red and rose color flowers. This happy and decorative traditional style rug can be used as foyer rug, living room rug or as a bedroom rug. The rug is used and is in the best condition, made of 100% soft wool on cotton foundation. Rug size is 4.5×6.9.

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Persian Sarouk Rug, Handmade Rug, Blue Living Room Rug

2616- Handmade floral Persian Sarouk wool rug with birds and animals. Size 4.6x7

Handmade Persian Sarouk rug, navy blue color background with red color border and 100% wool pile on cotton foundation, traditional floral Persian Sarouk style. Rug size 4.6×7 which is ideal for small living rooms, bedrooms or use as foyer rug and entry rug.

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9×12 Rug, Unusual Persian Sarouk Rug, Red Rug

2545- Handmade Persian Sarouk rug in unusual pattern. Size 9.8x12.9

A very unusual and unique old Persian Sarouk rug, allover lattice design rug with beautiful color combination of red and green colors. Red, blue, navy blue, beige, brown and rose are some of the colors were used in this rug, it is made of 100% wool and it measures 9.8x 12.9.

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Antique Persian Rug, Persian Farahan Rug

7392- Antique Persian Rug, Persian Farahan Rug. Size 6.2x8.2

Farahan the well-known name of the city in western part of Iran where some of the most beautiful and valuable antique Persian rugs come from, and that’s where this gorgeous vegetable dyed rug is from. This rarely used unique all-over design Persian Farahan rug is approximately 30 to 40 years old and it is in excellent condition without any sign of wear, hand knotted with great quality soft Persian wool and boasts a beautiful pattern with great color combination to attract any old and antique rug lover. The unique shade of khaki earth tone color in the background makes the beauty of the design and other colors stand out. Brown, rustic red, blue, navy blue, royal blue are the colors used in this rug. Rug size is 6.2 x 8.2.

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Persian Traditional Rug, Old Persian Sarouk Rug

2773- Handmade Traditional Persian Sarouk wool rug. Size 8.6x10.6.

Persian traditional rug, old Persian Sarouk rug one of the most beloved Persian rugs. Handmade Persian Sarouk made of fine quality wool on a cotton foundation.  This is an old Persian Sarouk rug in perfect condition with beige color background and red border. The beautiful red color medallion is surrounded by typical curvilinear flowers and represents the well-known Sarouk pattern. Its 8.6 x 10.6 size makes this rug a good candidate for a traditional living room or a dining room with 6 to 8 chairs.

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Persian Hand Knotted Sarouk Rug, Iranian Sarouk Carpet

2504- Traditional Persian Sarouk wool rug for living room or dining room

Persian hand knotted rug, navy blue Iranian Sarouk carpet. A charming hand knotted Persian Sarouk rug or Iranian Sarouk carpet made of 100% soft Persian wool. The distinctive center medallion of this beautiful Sarouk rug is surrounded by unique swirling leaves and flowers. Very well color coordinated with a rich navy-blue color in the main field and a soft red color in the border. These are some of the colors used in this rug, blue, navy blue, red, beige, brown rust, and turquoise. If you are deciding between an 8 x10 rug or 9 x 12 rug, this rug might be the perfect choice for you because its size is between 8 x 10 and 9 x 12. The size for this rug is 8 x 11.3.

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Area Rug, Red Persian Sarouk Wool Area Rug

2219- Hand knotted Persian Sarouk area rug made of 100% wool, ideal for small living room and dining room. Size 7.1x10.4.

Area rug, red Persian Sarouk wool area rug. A traditional hand knotted Persian Sarouk area rug in traditional red and navy-blue color with a round shape center medallion in navy-blue and white surround by beautiful swirling Eslimi pattern. This Persian area rug is color decorated with red in the main field and navy-blue in all around the borders. The overall color combination comprises red, blue, navy-blue, white, pastel with a touch of green and rose color. It is made of 100% Sarouk wool on a silk foundation. Usage recommendation is, as a dining room rug with a four to six chairs or as a living room rug in a one to two-bedroom apartment. It is also a great bedroom rug with a queen-size bedroom. The rug size is 7.1×10.4.

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Dining Room Rug, 7×10 Persian Sarouk Rug for Dining Room

2222- Hand knotted Persian Sarouk Rug for dining room. Size 7x10.7.

Dining room rug, 7×10 Persian Sarouk rug for dining room. Hand knotted Persian Sarouk rug with traditional red and navy-blue and red color combination for Persian traditional rug lovers. Its 100% wool pile is knotted on a cotton foundation and its size is excellent for a dining room set of four-to-six chairs, average size living room and a medium-to-large size foyer. The rug size is 7×10.7.

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