Rug Cleaning Tips For Households With Pets

We simply adore our pets. To be honest, they are no different than our family. Instead, they are family to us. However, living with pets often leads to difficult rug situations that require calling a professional rug cleaning company for your Chicago home. From chewing to gnawing and scratching, things can get nasty and annoying, especially if you had invested an appreciable amount of money in installing a luxurious exotic rug with authentic craftsmanship. Pet messes can be irritating, but they are highly unavoidable. In case you are a proud owner of an adorable four-legged furry wonder and an expensive carpet, keep reading this blog to discover practical tips to keep your rug in top-notch condition.

Persian Isfahan tree of life rug with gold and taupe colors. Size 4.2x6
405- Persian Isfahan Tree of Life Rug, Wool & Silk, size 4.2×6.


A home with pet and a rug is likely to have a wet mess, including urine, occasional dumps, vomit, and so on. Use a putty to get rid of the solids. Invest in a handheld extractor to suck up liquids from the surface of your rug.


The sponging method of cleaning is more harmful than beneficial. Although it does remove the surface liquid, it only pushes the remaining fluid further within the carpet fabric leading to permanent stains and blotches. A handheld extractor is a better substitute for paper towels. Also, avoid using rags and paper towels for scooping solids from the surface of the rug. It only furthers the probability of staining.


As much as we would be tempted to go for a YouTube tutorial suggesting an at-home tip for rug cleaning, it will bring you more harm than good. Home remedies with products such as lemon and vinegar mask the smell only temporarily and do not treat the issue from within. Besides, the acids present in those items may lead to discoloration and deteriorate the design of your carpet. Be mindful of the products you use to get rid of stains. Also, stay away from steam cleaning as it will only make the stain more permanent.


Shedding of hair is a common phenomenon with pets. Certain breeds tend to shed more hair than others. In addition to this, health is another parameter that contributes to the tendency of shedding. Depending upon that, set a frequency to get rid of hair and fur balls by vacuuming your rug regularly for the best results.


Well, regardless of the care and attention you take for your prized possession, there are going to be situations where your pet does some severe damage to the rug. This can include hard staining, leftover stench, dirt, and grime, and even chewing around the corners that might require the complete replacement of your carpet. A reliable Chicago professional rug cleaning service provider uses the right products that are gentle on the fabric of your carpet while being effective enough to get rid of every dirt, stain, and odor.

A pet is bound to do pet things. It is your responsibility as a pet owner to make smart choices that keep your pet happy while keeping the beauty of your home intact. If you are looking for professional rug cleaning services for your home, dial (773) 360-8048 today and get help for your rug cleaning needs

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