Rug Shopping Information You Pay Attention To

Whether it is adding character or aesthetic to your living space, a high-quality rug surely is the right way to go about it. Want a quick décor touch-up or think it is time for a total room revamp, do consider including plush rugs in your ‘to shop’ list. An exquisite multi-colored rug to liven up the living room and a soft rug with a royal feel for the bedroom!

Handmade Persian Tabriz wall rug. Size 3.3x4.7
2510- Beautiful handmade Persian Tabriz wall rug. Size 3.3×4.7

Often, the rug is the first thing guests notice in a room. And you want to ensure they are noticing it for the right reasons, like the intricate patterns and premium feel. After you have assessed your space and decided if you want to go for a bold, patterned multi-colored rug or a neutral-toned rug, there are still a few things that you may be doing wrong when investing in new rugs.

In today’s blog, we will share with you two important points for your rug shopping.

Don’t Buy on Impulse.

Rugs can be a tad on the expensive side of things. They are an investment that you want to cherish for years to come. So, it is only advisable that you don’t buy impulsively. You may instantly fall in love with a rug that you saw hanging in a store or something that you came across online. But it is best to take all the factors into consideration before you buy the item.

Check if the size is per your requirements, ensure you actually like the pattern, and talk to the rug dealer for quality assurance. That way, you won’t end up with something that looks out of place!

Don’t Choose Aesthetics Over Practicality.

We are not saying aesthetics play zero role in finalizing the rug you take home, but that is not all. You want a rug that looks magnificent and elevates your décor a notch but also is functional.

Is the rug for an area that receives heavy traffic? Will your child or pet play around the rug area? Does the size of the rug ensure there will be no tripping hazards? These questions need thoughtful consideration when rug shopping.

Rugs that are both beautiful and hard-wearing, exude plushness, and are made for durability, are the kind of pieces you want to buy for your home.

A tip, keep the delicate silk rugs for the living room, bedrooms or every other area of the house that gets clean traffic. Our multi-colored Persian rugs will be a tasteful décor for your bedrooms.

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