Rug Sizes and How to Choose the Best Rug Size for Your Home

The history of rugs dates back thousands of years when the nomadic tribes in the Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and Iranian civilizations made them out of animal skins. The carpets were primarily a safeguard against harsh weather during that era. Gradually, textiles were involved in making them, and intricate designs and vibrant colors also started to evolve.

Today, a wide variety of beautiful oriental rugs of different sizes are available in the market. They are not merely used as flooring below the furniture; they are an essential part of home décor. Picking the right size for your room is paramount to having perfect symmetry. Making your room look spacious and lively is a critical part of home décor.

Handmade modern rug in gray color, made in India. Size 4.10x6.10
7496- Handmade modern rug from India in decorative colors. Size 4.10×6.10

Keep reading this article if you wish to know how to pick the ideal rug size for your home. So, let us get started.

For the Entry Door: 

Before coming to the rug’s size, understand that it is always wise to have a thin and durable carpet, usually made of wool, at the foyers, to let the door open without any obstruction. A thick rug would not only hinder the gate from opening freely but would also damage the rug gradually.

The best dimensions of beautiful oriental rugs for the small to midsize foyers are 2×3 to 3×5 feet, medium-size entrance rug sizes are 3×5 to 5×7 feet, and 6×9 and above for large-size lobbies. However, it also depends on the situational needs and mainly on your preferences.

For the Living Room:

Life is all about the precious memories and moments that you spend. A living room is crucial since it serves as a gathering spot for guests and family members to relax. So, whichever size and color you pick, ensure it aligns well with your room’s dimensions and décor.

With bigger beautiful oriental rugs, you may position your furniture over it rather than around it. A rug that is too small can make both a large and a small living room appear unfinished. Additionally, placing your furniture on top of the rug prevents guests from stumbling over the fabric edges as they move around the space.

The ideal rug size for studios and small living rooms is 5×8 Feet. For large living rooms, the size goes from 8×10 to 9×12 Feet and beyond. It is wise to have perfect measurements before ordering one for your home.

For the Dining Room: 

Rugs absorb sound, protect floors from shuffling feet and sliding chairs, and also warm up the room. They’re a blessing for busy, entertainment-focused spaces like the dining room. The best sizes for your dining room are mentioned below.

For Bedroom: 

A rug may significantly influence how your bedroom looks and appears, going beyond just completing the design. An antique Persian rug or carpet may bring all the elements of your interior design together in perfect harmony or create a bold statement. In other words, a rug is to a room what an accessory is to an outfit.

  • For kids’ and small guest bedrooms with twin-sized beds: 5×8 rugs.
  • For a small bedroom with queen size bed: Rug size for queen size bed, 6×9 to 7×10 rugs.
  • Standard bedroom with queen-size bed: 8×10 rugs. rug size for standard queen size bed, 8×10 Rugs.
  • For a bedroom with a king-size bed: 9×12 rugs. Rug size for king size bed, 9×12 rugs.
  • California king-size bed and larger: 10×14 rugs. Rug size for California king size bed, 10×14 rugs and larger.

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