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There are varied sizes for rugs for small living rooms, a common mistake for buyers is buying an area rug that is too small. The standard sizes are 6×9, 8×10 and 9×12 feet. To achieve your goal of finding the right size rug best suited for your small living room. First measure the room following this rule. Whatever room size you have, you want a rug that is two to four feet shorter in length and width. For example, if the room is 9×13, you would want a rug that is 6×9. Another thing to remember, keep at least 18 inches of bare floor exposed by the rug’s edge, and keep in mind that large rugs can make a room appear bigger. Whatever you decide to buy remember to keep a space of 12 to 24 inches minimum of floor on all sides of the rug. 

There are different materials utilized to create rugs for small living rooms. Materials commonly used are wool, cotton, silk, jute/sisal, bamboo salt/seagrass, and hemp. Wool is durable and comfortable along with the addition of being stain, dust, and flame resistant. A rug for small living rooms made of wool can be expensive but is one of the more common fabrics. Cotton is a cost-effective alternative to wool and can be fairly durable and soft. Rugs for small living rooms made of silk are more expensive and delicate, but are very soft and can be beautifully intricate, giving your small living room added flare. They must be cleaned professionally to prevent damage. Jute is produced from flowering plants and can be woven as a course or fine thread. Sisal is affordable and similar to Jute as a rug for small living rooms material. Sisal can be coarse, but it is durable and easier to wash than soft jute. Both usually come in earth tones and require careful cleaning. Bamboo salt and seagrass are all-natural and eco-friendly rugs for small living room options as well. The rugs are exceptionally durable, water and stain resistant. These natural fibers do not hold dye well, so the color options aren’t broad. Our final option for a rug for small living rooms is hemp. A durable material which is resistant to dirt, water, and allergens. This material is good for busy households and homes with pets. It is not a soft material, but it is affordable and low maintenance. The materials used to make a small living room rug are varied to give you a selection of options when choosing a rug for small living rooms

When selecting a design for your rugs for small living rooms, think about what you want the design to convey. To add color to your room, a small living room pattern rug can add depth and excitement. If you want it to soothe an otherwise energetic room a neutral small living room rug would be the right choice. If you want to add a colorful palette to a room, you want to be sure that the colors don’t clash. Certain colors in a rug for small living rooms can change the mood in a room. If you want to give off a coastal vibe, choose a small living room area rug with ocean blues with a neutral color like beige, gray or white. Soft stripes and florals will add to the coastal theme. If you want tropical themed rugs for small living rooms, add vibrant colors with a big pattern rug for small living rooms. You can use the colors of the rug to set the tone of your living room giving it a tropical feel.  If you have a small living room that isn’t diverse in color, a bright rug for small living rooms can add some liveliness to the room. Bright colors are easy on the eyes and a small living room rug can make up for the lack or color. Though rugs are not at the forefront of the room they usually pull the room together making the room feel large and lively. 


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