Antique Persian Rug – A Guide About Antique Persian Rugs

At Beautiful Rugs, we take pride in offering a wide collection of antique Persian rugs that are generally more than seventy years old. The age of these rugs can be determined through various means, including the fading or loss of the yarn’s dye color, a high density of the rug weave, signs of wear and tear over time, and any available ownership records. These rugs are not only a piece of art but also a representation of a rich cultural heritage.

Our collection includes antique Persian rugs that are handwoven and feature intricate designs and patterns. Each rug is unique and has its own story to tell. For instance, some rugs may have been woven for special occasions or celebrations, while others may have been passed down through generations of families. Our inventory includes a wide range of antique Persian rugs that come in different styles, colors, and sizes.

In this blog post, we will provide a brief description of some of the antique Persian rugs available in our inventory. We highly recommend that you visit our store to see them in person. You can also check them out online, but we believe that seeing these rugs in person will give you a better appreciation of their beauty and craftsmanship. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you in selecting the perfect antique Persian rug that suits your style and complements your home decor.


An Oversized Antique Persian Rug

Antique Persian Kashan rug with red and navy-blue colors. Size11.5x18.2.
2570- An outstanding oversized antique Persian Kashan rug. Size 11.5×18.2.

Imagine a truly magnificent rug that exudes luxury and grandeur at first glance, capturing the attention of anyone who lays their eyes on it. This rug is a truly unique and one-of-a-kind creation, made entirely by hand using only the highest quality materials. The kurk wool on a cotton foundation ensures that this rug is not only durable but also exceptionally comfortable to walk on.
The rug’s design features a deep, rich red field, which immediately draws the viewer’s attention towards it. The central focus of the rug is a diamond-shaped medallion, which has been exquisitely woven with intricate stylized florets and lotus flowers on a deep navy-blue field.

The central medallion has a lighter red floret that stands out among other florets in a small ivory hexagonal star field, adding a subtle yet elegant detail to the rug.
To accentuate the central medallion, another diamond form with a deep navy-blue field composed of arabesque circles of florets encloses it.

The rug has two alternating floral motifs around the innermost medallion: crab design lotus palmettes with a shield shape and shah Abbasi lotus palmettes with outspread leaves, which add a unique and intricate layer to the design.

The rug’s red field is filled with a dense profusion of stylized florets, palmettes, and serrated sickle leaves, which give the rug a sense of depth and dimension. The spandrels and border, on the other hand, are a deep navy blue, providing a striking contrast to the central red field.

Measuring about eleven and a half feet by eighteen feet, this rug is a truly stunning addition to any larger room. The exceptional quality and attention to detail that have gone into crafting this rug make it a beautiful, timeless piece that will be cherished for generations to come.

The combination of high-quality materials, intricate weaving techniques, and unique design elements creates a rug that truly stands out as a work of art.


Unique Antique Persian Isfahan Rug

Antique Isfahan Rug, Hand Knotted Antique Persian Rug
2423- Antique Isfahan Rug, Hand Knotted Antique Persian Rug. Size 5.3×7.

Beautiful Rugs has a breathtaking antique Isfahan rug currently in stock, and it is a true masterpiece. This rug is a shining example of exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. It boasts an allover diamond lattice design skillfully woven with the finest quality kurk wool, and the vegetable dye used on a cotton foundation adds to its allure.
Despite its age, the rug is in an outstanding state of preservation, a testament to the care it has been given over the years. The soft pastel yellow field of the rug is a canvas on which the weaver has created a stunning design. Three large palmettes, stylized lotus flowers with outspread leaves, are enclosed by a diamond made up of stylized serrated leaves and a pair of botehs or paisley designs with florets at their base. The design is intricate and delicate, and each element is carefully placed to create a harmonious whole.
The darker border of the rug is equally captivating, with palmettes in a dark blue navy field. The contrast between the border and the field enhances the beauty of the rug, and the overall effect is simply breathtaking.

If you’re looking for a rug that is not only beautiful but also has a rich history and culture behind it, this antique Persian Isfahan rug at Beautiful Rugs is an excellent choice.
This antique rug is an impressive example that relies on the Shah Abbas motif that appears often in Persian rugs.

It can be noted that this style is named after Shah Abbas (1587–1629), the greatest ruler of the Safavid dynasty under whom Persia flourished. It is Shah Abbas who modernized and directed his government to create and fund rug-making workshops and schools, which advanced Persian rug design to such heights of artistic complexity that they became world famous.


Floral Antique Persian Isfahan Rug

Antique Oriental Rug, Antique Persian Isfahan Rug, Kork Wool Rug. Size 10.8x15.3.
2544- Antique Oriental Rug, Antique Persian Isfahan Rug, Kork Wool Rug. Size 10.8×15.3.

This antique Isfahan rug is a remarkable piece of art that is in impeccable condition. The central medallion of the rug is a stunning combination of deep red and blue colors. The bright beige field is adorned with an intricate floral pattern, including arabesque, interconnected florets, lotuses, and serrated leaves, which are beautifully crafted and enclosed in a navy-blue border area in the central field’s spandrels (or corners).

The wide border of the rug boasts deep and dark red arabesque floral patterns that provide a striking contrast to the lighter inner field, making it a perfect fit for any interior.

The rug was woven in Isfahan, a city in central Iran, during the Safavid dynasty in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, which was a period marked by the flourishing of arts and crafts. Isfahan became the capital of Persia at that time, and the exquisite designs of Persian rugs are a testament to the artistic excellence of that era.

This antique rug is a prime example of the Shah Abbas motif that is frequently found in Persian rugs. The style is named after Shah Abbas (1587–1629), the greatest ruler of the Safavid dynasty. During his reign, he modernized and directed his government to create and fund rug-making workshops and schools, which led to the advancement of Persian rug design to such heights of artistic complexity that they became world-famous.

The handmade Isfahan rugs are among the most exceptional works of art. They are crafted using high-quality wool (kork) yarn that permits the rug weavers to create very intricate curvilinear designs. The use of such high-quality materials and craftsmanship has made these rugs among the highest-quality rugs you can find in Iran.

This antique Persian rug is a true masterpiece that reflects the rich cultural heritage and artistic excellence of Persia. It is not only an outstanding example of the Shah Abbas motif but also a testament to the skill and dedication of the ancient Persian rug weavers.


An Odd Size Antique Persian Veramin Rug

Vintage Persian Rug, Odd Size Rug, Allover Design Persian Veramin Rug
2780- Odd size vintage Persian Veramin rug. Size 7×15.4.

This exquisite antique Persian Veramin rug is an exceptional piece that can serve as a beautiful large area rug or as a runner in a wide and long corridor. It boasts a striking Mina Khani style overall lattice pattern, which consists of rows of highly stylized florets that alternate between bright and dark red on a deep navy-blue field. The intricate design of the rug includes small ivory florets arranged at the corners of each interconnected diamond with a central floret, adding to the rug’s overall beauty.

The main border of the rug is equally impressive, showcasing a stylized geometrical repeated pattern on an ivory field. The skillful craftsmanship of this rug is remarkable, with every detail carefully considered and expertly executed. Notably, Veramin is a city in north-central Iran, south of Tehran, with a rich history of rug manufacturing, and this rug is a testament to the exceptional quality of rugs produced in this region.

This antique Veramin rug is a bold and striking addition to any room or space. Its intricate design and vivid colors make it a rare and valuable find, sure to be a conversation piece in any home. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece to complement your decor or a timeless work of art, this rug is an excellent choice that is sure to impress.


A Pictorial Antique Persian Rug from Tabriz

Antique Persian Tabriz Carpet, Pictorial Carpet
2482- Antique Persian Tabriz Carpet, Antique Pictorial Carpet. Size 5.8×9.4.

This exceptional Persian Tabriz rug is a true masterpiece of antique pictorial design that embodies the rich history and culture of the city of Tabriz. The rug is crafted from high-quality wool pile with a cotton foundation and is dyed with natural vegetable dyes, which gives it a unique and captivating texture.

The central medallion of the rug depicts Mariam, a prophetess and the sister of Moses, tending to a goat in the countryside. The intricate and detailed weaving of the medallion, surrounded by arabesque florets and lotuses in beige, yellow, and blue colors on a deep red field, creates an enchanting and mesmerizing effect that captures the attention of anyone who sees it.

The rug’s wide border features a navy-blue field with alternating vases and a small panel of a deer depicted in profile in a field. The weaver has carefully combined different colors and textures, which are a hallmark of Tabriz rugs, to create a stunning and unique pattern that adds to the rug’s overall beauty.

It’s worth noting that Tabriz is a city steeped in history and culture and is renowned as the world rug-weaving city. The city has been producing handmade rugs since the 15th century, and it became an important Persian export center in the mid-19th century. Tabriz has also been designated a World Heritage Site, which highlights its critical role in the history of Persian art and culture.

The pictorial representation of Mariam is depicted in a simple and charming style that adds a human touch and a sense of innocence to the rug. Overall, this rug is a testament to the incredible craftsmanship and artistry of the weavers who created it, and it is a valuable addition to any collection.


An Antique Persian Rug from Kashan

Antique Persian Rugs, Arch Design Handmade Persian Kashan
2438- Antique Persian Rugs, Arch Design Handmade Persian Kashan Rug. Size 4.8×7.

This exquisite antique rug comes from Kashan, a city in central Iran that is renowned for its unique and intricate rug designs. The rug boasts a distinctive design that showcases the arch shape of a Mihrab, a prayer niche found in a mosque wall. The Mihrab serves to indicate the direction of Mecca, making this rug a prayer rug as well.

The rug’s design features a large symmetrical pattern of beige and red stylized florets and lotuses that emanate from a vase at the base and spread bilaterally throughout the navy-blue field. The intricate designs and patterns showcase the excellent craftsmanship and skill of the rug weaver.

The upper part of the rug has a striking façade of a building, which could very well be the famous Agha Bozorg Mosque in Kashan. The façade is within a small panel that has stylized pink roses on the left and right sides, a nod to Kashan’s world-renowned roses and the annual rose water festival that takes place between May and June.

The rug’s wide border has several pictorial elements, including the façade of a mosque, a natural landscape, and a pair of stylized birds appearing in small panels. These panels and stylized florets and birds appear on a dark red field that adds a beautiful contrast to the navy blue field. The rug is made of 100% wool piled on a cotton foundation, ensuring that it is durable and will last for many years to come.

What’s more, this antique rug is in impeccable condition, which is a testament to the quality of the materials used and the rug maker’s skill. It’s worth noting that Kashan belongs to the Isfahan Province, which is south of the city of Qum.

Isfahan is famous for its beautiful ancient monuments and rugs, and this unique piece is a testament to the rich history and culture of the region. It would make a beautiful addition to any home or collection, and its intricate designs are sure to impress anyone who sees it.


Antique Persian Rug from Bakhtiari

Antique Persian Rug Circa 1930, Vintage Persian Bakhtiari Rug
2583- Antique Persian Rug Circa 1930, Vintage Persian Bakhtiari Rug. Size 4.9×7.

This antique Persian Bakhtiari rug is a work of art that will leave you in awe. Its intricate and dense weave, known as Bibi Baft, is an exceptional example of the art of weaving. The rug’s central medallion is a masterpiece consisting of two distinct parts. The central floret, which is set against a black field, is surrounded by stylized roses, while the surrounding white field is adorned with more roses and lotus flowers at its pendants.
The rug’s remaining field is a marvel to behold, with its rich and dark red color featuring beautifully crafted florets, botehs (teardrop forms), and lotuses. The spandrels, or corners, of the rug’s main field, are equally impressive, with bright red florets encircling a Shah Abbasi symmetrical palmette.

The bright red florets in the border and spandrels are a perfect contrast to the white field in the rug’s center, creating a stunning visual balance.
This handmade Bakhtiari floral rug is truly a one-of-a-kind piece, with its intense red field and exquisite roses in pristine condition, as it has never been used. It is worth noting that the Bakhtiari province, located in the Zagros Mountains of southwest Iran, is home to a once-seasonally migrant Iranian tribe that has mostly settled down.

This rug is a testament to their rich cultural heritage and their mastery of the art of weaving.
The rug is not just a beautiful work of art but also a piece of history, with each knot and weave telling a story of the skilled artisans who created it. It is a rare and exceptional piece that will surely elevate any room or space it is placed in.

The Antique Persian Senneh Rug

Handmade Persian Rug, Vegetable Dyed Antique Persian Senneh Rug
2614- Vegetable Dyed Handmade Antique Persian Senneh Rug. size 4.7×6.7.

This stunning antique Persian Senneh rug is a testament to the mastery of its weavers. The rug features an intricate and detailed all-over-dense lattice design with bright red and yellow florets on a deep navy-blue background.

The repeat field design uses a Herti (or fish) pattern composed of a central stylized flower and sickle or lanceolate leaves with serrated edges on its four sides, creating a beautiful border. The bright red border of this rug features repeated floral elements that subtly contrast with the darker central field, adding depth and dimension to the overall design.

The primary and most significant floral component of the border is a stylized palmette with a shield-like shape. This palmette alternates between being navy-blue set in a bright red sphere and bright red set in a navy sphere. The intricate and detailed design of this rug is a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of the weavers who created it, as it took months of work to complete.

This rug has been dyed with natural vegetable dyes, which lends it a unique and beautiful color palette. It is in excellent condition, which makes it an ideal addition to any home. Its beautiful colors and elegant design can provide a rich color to any room while adding a touch of sophistication and style.

Furthermore, the rug’s origin is worth noting. Senneh rugs are made in villages and towns of the mountainous northeast province of Kurdistan in Iran. Sanandaj, the capital city of Kurdistan, has become a regional rug-weaving production center.

The rich history and tradition behind this rug make it a true work of art and a valuable addition to any collection. This rug is more than just a piece of decor; it is a masterpiece that tells a story of culture, tradition, and skill.

Antique Kashan Persian Rug

Handmade Vintage Rug, Antique Persian Kashan Rug, Navy Blue Rug
2195- Handmade Vintage Rug, Antique Persian Kashan Rug, Navy Blue Rug. Size 4.4×7.

This antique Persian Kashan rug is a true work of art and an outstanding example of the masterful craftsmanship of the Kashan region. The rug boasts a deep navy-blue field, which serves as the ideal background for the stunning central medallion.

The medallion is a large, intricately designed circle of red florets arranged in a cross pattern. The circle encloses eight florets that extend to the border through pendants. A unique ring of stylized flowers encircles the central medallion and pendants, adding to the rug’s beauty and complexity.
The corners of the main field or spandrels feature a space with florets in an ivory field area. The ivory borders of the medallion, pendant, and upper and lower spandrel borders provide a perfect contrast to the deep blue navy field.

The wide border around the main field has a pattern of alternating flowers, including stylized bright red roses and oval arrangements of white florets. The white color echoes the ivory used in the main field.

These white florets and the bright red roses add a very distinctive color and design element to the border area, which does not allow the viewer’s eye to remain at rest and satisfied with the intricate central medallion design.
This handmade antique Kashan rug features intricate floral patterns and arrangements in a visually distinctive and striking manner. The floral designs are arranged to soothe and stimulate the viewer’s perception.

The rug’s design is a true testament to the artistry of the Kashan region, and it is sure to add a touch of elegance and traditional style to any room. The rug’s remarkable attention to detail and exceptional quality make it an heirloom piece that will be treasured for generations to come.


Red Vegetable Dyed Antique Persian Kashan Rug

Antique Persian Scenery Design Kashan Rug
2503- Antique Vegetable Dyed Persian Rug, Scenery Persian Kashan Rug. Size 5.3×8.7.

This antique Persian Kashan rug is a true masterpiece, showcasing an intricate design that is full of traditional Persian rug motifs. The rug features a central medallion that is adorned with a rural scene, depicting several homes in the countryside. The scene is full of vibrant colors and exquisite details that give it a lifelike quality.
The rug’s red color is derived from vegetable-based dyes, which add an organic and earthy touch to the overall design. The rug also boasts a vase motif with a bouquet at the base and top, which adds an element of elegance to the design.

The tree of life motif with a pair of flowering trees at the base and center of the main field symbolizes the cycle of life and nature and adds a spiritual and philosophical element to the rug.
The arch pattern on the main field indicates that this rug is a prayer rug and adds a spiritual element to the design. The floral patterns in white, light blue and green colors are symmetrically arranged in a deep red field, creating a stunning and mesmerizing visual effect.

The wide border surrounding the main field is equally impressive, featuring additional landscape scenes of different buildings, such as a home and a mosque. These buildings are set in small diamond-like panels with a flowering tree of life symbol in between them, adding a touch of symmetry and balance to the design.
The border is an overall lighter area with light blue, ivory, and beige floral elements that subtly contrast with the darker red field, creating a harmonious balance. The rug is made of high-quality kurk wool on a cotton foundation, which ensures its durability and longevity. The fine-quality wool is woven tightly to create a dense pile, which gives the rug its warm and charming character.
Overall, the rug’s warm colors and intricate design make it a perfect addition to any room, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home decor. Its exquisite details and impeccable craftsmanship make it a true work of art and a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Persian rug making.


Antique Persian Bakhtiari Rug

Antique Rug, Antique Persian Bakhtiari Rug with terracotta red color. Size 11x15.
2775- Handmade Antique Persian Bakhtiari Rug, Living Room Rug. Size 11×15.

Introducing an exquisite Persian Bakhtiari rug, which is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. This stunning rug features a large central medallion with intricate patterns of red florets encased within a larger diamond. The medallion’s white field is decorated with arabesque floral patterns that add to the rug’s unique charm and beauty.

The central diamond pattern is enclosed in a larger navy-blue diamond with florets, creating an eye-catching design that draws the viewer’s attention. The deep, rusty brown main field features a dense pattern of Shab Abbasi motifs, serrated leaves, and florets that add to the rug’s visual appeal.

A narrow white border encloses the rug’s field, balancing the intense contrast of the central medallion’s white field. The rug’s split leaf pattern is decorated with shield-shaped palmettes alternating with both (or teardrop) shapes or serrated leaves that encircle each palette, adding to its sophisticated design.

This large handmade Bakhtiari antique rug is in perfect condition. Its size is ideal for a living room or a spacious entryway. The rug is 11 feet wide and 15 feet long. Its woolen texture is soft and durable, making it suitable for high-traffic areas.

The rug’s rich colors and intricate patterns make it a perfect centerpiece for any room. Whether you’re looking to create a cozy reading nook or add some character to an empty space, this rug is sure to impress. It is a work of art that has been crafted with exceptional care and skill.

To explore more examples of exceptional-quality antique Persian rugs, please visit the Old and Antique Rugs category on the Beautiful Rugs website. If you have any questions about our rugs, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is always happy to help you find the perfect rug for your home.

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