Why Buy Authentic Handmade Persian Rugs

Trails of lilies, weeping willows, and sunflowers, intricate weaving patterns, rich color schemes — these are the markers of fine Persian rugs for sale, the ones that tell a story. Yet, many opt for cheap fakes or knockoffs produced by mass manufacturers. These rugs might seem to be a worthwhile investment, but they are no match for the exceptional quality and class of authentic Persian rugs. Having one displayed in your home will not only make your interior look elegant, but it will also provide you with limitless warmth and comfort when you step on the floor.

Handmade Persian Tabriz silk rug, multicolor, with birds and animals. Size 5x6.7.
742- Beautiful handmade Persian Tabriz silk rug on sale. Size 5×6.7.

In addition to this, here are more reasons why you should buy original Persian rugs:

  •   Unparalleled craftsmanship 

Why go for machine-woven carpets when you can avail of exquisite, handmade Persian rugs for sale?

One thing that amazes us is the magnificent detailing on Persian rugs. Woven by hand, these rugs come forth after weavers put in months of hard work and love into their making. They don’t need guides for the patterns they weave; they have them memorized!

This art of weaving has been passed down the generations to keep the tradition and the fine specimen of Persian craftsmanship burning brightly. Investing in such rugs would mean that you support the arts and appreciate the dedication of the weavers who craft them.

  •   Consistent designs and high-quality materials 

The twists and turns of the yarn on a fine Persian rug for sale look aesthetic, and yet it is sturdy at the same time. Also, Persian rug weavers make the use of sheep’s wool or shiny/fine silk. Woolen ones, on the other hand, are made of high-quality fibers that do not give off lint. They feel soft to touch and keep your feet warm.

Persian rugs are made of natural dyes extracted out of plants, making them look more colorful than your average fares. Because of this, Persian rugs stand out when you use them to accentuate an antique piece at home.

  •   Long life 

Persian rugs are handed down from one generation to the next because their market value goes up based on their source of origin and age. More importantly, there might never be another rug that has the same design as yours! Because these are statement pieces, the purchase of Persian rugs for your home can be considered as an investment as they last for years together.

If you’re looking for Persian rugs in Chicago, make sure that you get in touch with authentic and trusted dealers. At Beautiful Rugs, we have extensive knowledge and a lengthy catalog of a variety of Persian rugs, so get in touch with us today!

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