Rugs are a lovely addition to living rooms. They introduce beautiful textures and add complementing hues to the space while ensuring every element in the room looks put together and is in harmony with the décor. So, there is nothing stopping you from buying Persian rugs for sale online. They are always a good décor investment.

While most of us know area rugs do an excellent job when it comes to defining a space, not all of us are sure about how to use them to anchor our living room furniture. If you want to get the most of your gorgeous area rug, you should learn to match your rugs to your furniture.

2472 Silk Persian Rug Handmade Rug Persian Rugs Blue Rug
2472- Handmade Persian Isfahan silk rug in blue and gold color made on a silk foundation. Size 6.8×10.

Here are a few tips that will come in handy:

1. Start with the Rug Size

The size of the area rug is crucial for matching your furniture with your rug. If you hear someone say, “the bigger, the better,” don’t always heed that advice when rug shopping.

You don’t want to buy a too small rug, but you also don’t want to end up with an oversized rug that overwhelms your space instead of accenting it. It is not hard at all to avoid these scenarios. You just need the measurement of the furniture that would sit on your rug. Knowing the length and breadth of your living room will help too.

2. Consider Shapes

The shape of your area rug should be determined primarily by the grouping of furniture.

A rectangular rug would elevate the look of your space if you have rectangular chairs, but that does not mean you cannot experiment with shapes. Sometimes, complementing shapes instead of matching everything can create décor styles that look just WOW.

3. Choose the Right Color

This may feel like a challenging task while matching your area rug with your furniture. Want to make it a fun task instead? Adopt any of these three approaches:

  • Try creating a mild color contrast between your furniture and the rug to inject boldness into the living room.
  • Pair oriental rugs with furniture pieces in neutral colors. This is an easier task than matching the colorful hues of your rug with the furniture adorning the same hues.
  • Try blending the rug with the environment rather than making it stand out as the room’s prominent feature.

4. Be Mindful of Patterns and Styles

You will notice most area rugs, especially Persian and Oriental rugs, have intricate floral or geometric patterns. If you are looking for contemporary patterns, try transitional rugs.

So, you won’t run out of options to harmonize your living space with matching patterns and styles of rugs.

5. Bonus Tips

  • Create a monochromatic feel for a room that exudes elegance and piques the interest of your guests.
  • When confused, opt for neutral colors like ivory, white, brown, gray, black, and subtle patterns.
  • Make things interesting by mixing bold hues and patterns.
  • Don’t match everything. A bit of contrast goes a long way when it comes to giving a definition to the room.

Now, how about shopping for the finest quality area rugs? Browse our collection of Persian rugs for sale online!

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