Iranian Hand-Knotted Rugs in Chicago: An Investment Piece for Your Home

Certain common adjectives used to describe Persian rugs are rich, luxurious, antiques, handicrafts, collectibles, and royal. There are investment instruments such as stocks, shares, real estate, bonds, cars, jewelry, and cryptocurrency. People invest in these items, not because of their current utility or cost but the value they bring in the years to come. Iran is the world’s largest producer and exporter of handmade carpets, producing three-quarters of the world’s total output with a share of 30% of the world’s export markets for a good reason. The Iranian hand-knotted rugs that you see in Chicago are a product of the finest silks and light-weight cotton yields that require impeccable craftsmanship and months (sometimes years) of dedicated work. The rich and interesting designs made from all-natural wools, silk, and vegetable dyes rather than synthetic materials, meticulous craftsmanship, and high durability are responsible for making these rugs popular across different households globally.

Persian Isfahan rug vegetable dye rug with vase of immortality. Size 4.9x7.4
737- Hand Knotted Vegetable Dyed Persian Isfahan Rug with Vase of Immortality. Size 4.9×7.4.

A quality hand-knotted Iranian rug needn’t be called an “antique” to hold its value. These collectibles, unlike material things, aren’t use-and-throw items. Persian rugs allow us to enjoy an object while still being able to recoup its long-term value. Considering the amount of intensive craftsmanship and expertise that goes into making these rugs, Iranian hand-knotted rugs are appreciated all over Chicago and across the globe and have a high reputation. Earlier accessible to only the elite class and the aristocrats, this elegant decor piece slowly gained impetus to claim its place as a luxurious collector’s item. Besides, in the current age of mechanization and synthetic items, the quality of material and craftsmanship used in Iranian hand-knotted rugs make it stand out further.

It is this scarcity that leads to its accruing value down the line. The easiest way to explain this with a real-world scenario is an investment in bitcoins. In the early phase of their introduction, these coins were abundant, therefore, had low demand. As the market dynamics changed in its favor, more and more people wanted to pursue them, and as their supply started to dwindle, their value skyrocketed. The abundance of synthetic and lack of original, organic materials has labeled them an expensive investment instrument.

These beautiful pieces of souvenirs add attractiveness and accessibility to a space in the form of beautiful floor coverings while being a high-value possession.

Considering the importance of these decor items, if you are thinking about adding this piece of Persian artisanal goodness into your space, proper care and maintenance are essential. The daily wear and tear and other extremities can lead to damage and loss in the sheen and worthiness of their appeal. Even the best quality Iranian hand-knotted rug in Chicago will become dull and unsightly if not cared for properly. Therefore, scheduling maintenance and care with high-quality Chicago rug cleaning services is imperative.

Besides this, regular dusting and cleaning to get rid of surface dust, dirt, and dust bunnies will be sufficient.

When it comes to choosing an exotic Iranian rug for your place, authenticity and quality come first. These are investment items that you must only buy from a reliable source. At Beautiful Rugs, we carry a carefully curated collection of unique, original handcrafted Persian, traditional, classic, and contemporary rugs. Browse our website right away to have a look!

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